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Zettics and Cisco Partner to Deliver Analytics to Mobile Operators Worldwide

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October 29, 2014

Zettics, the leader in actionable subscriber analytics for mobile operators, today announced a partnership with Cisco to enable Cisco's Connected Analytics for Service Providers platform. Cisco Connected Analytics for Service Providers platform utilizes Cisco Data Virtualization and Cisco Prime Analytics and will now leverage Zettics' analytics platform to gain unique actionable insights into subscriber data usage to offer a best-of-breed solution.

“By leveraging Zettics' market leading, subscriber data usage analytics platform, Cisco can significantly improve the ROI delivered to the marketing, customer care, and network management departments at operators,” said Sterling Wilson, CEO of Zettics. “Cisco is the industry leader in bringing operators complete solutions that deliver significant improvements in all aspects of their business. We are excited to work with Cisco customers globally.”

Zettics' entire product suite will be integrated into Cisco's Connected Analytics for Service Providers. This includes key Zettics capabilities such as:

  • A 360-degree analysis of individual subscribers across both data usage and network experience
  • Analytics to address the high-value areas for service providers such as customer experience, network performance, bill shock, loyalty, marketing analytics, and pricing segmentation
  • A big data analytics system that processes over 3 trillion records monthly to improve customers' data and voice experience from 2G to LTE and VoLTE
  • Zettics' Privacy Dial which adheres to an operator's unique privacy policy, ensuring consumer information is protected
  • Zettics Dynamic Learning technology which keeps operators up to date with the latest catalog of network traffic including websites and apps
  • Seamless integration into IT and marketing data warehouses, customer care systems, and network operations for advanced analytics

“By focusing on key areas such as loyalty, self-service, segmentation, next best offer, and others, service providers can significantly improve customer experiences and deliver significant value to their shareholders,” said Rick Sturm, Founder and CEO of Enterprise Management Associates, an analyst firm that specializes in IT and data management technologies. “By integrating Zettics technology within Cisco Connected Analytics for Service Providers, Zettics and Cisco have made it far easier for service providers to realize this value.“

About Zettics

Zettics is the leader in actionable subscriber analytics, delivering immediate, actionable insights that drive significant business value for operators worldwide, including the largest carriers in North America. These insights deliver a 360-degree understanding of data usage, enabling operators to extract greater value from their networks, while fully complying with subscriber privacy policies. Operators that choose Zettics generate new revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Zettics' patented technology powers a suite of analytics solutions for data monetization, marketing, customer care, and network business units. Operators are already using Zettics to reduce bill shock, identify problematic apps, understand network performance, monetize data with third parties, enrich their CRM systems, identify network abuse, analyze pricing plans, enhance advertising offers, reduce churn, and more.

Zettics is deployed with leading operators in the world, processing trillions of records monthly. Zettics has offices worldwide and its investors include North Bridge Venture Partners, Voyager Capital, Steamboat Ventures, Emergence Capital, Excelestar Ventures, and DRW Trading Group.

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