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Xentaurs Powers Machine Learning and IoT Growth with NVIDIA GPUs

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December 08, 2016

Xentaurs has used revenue earned throughout its first year to invest in engineering talent and to grow its customer base while anticipating a time would soon arise when enterprises were ready to dedicate budget to machine learning projects. The Xentaurs leadership team and industry experts agree that time is here. According to Forrester Research predicts that across all businesses, there will be a greater than 300% increase in investment in artificial intelligence in 2017 compared with 2016.

"Xentaurs anticipates having major machine learning projects underway by the end of next year," said Anoj Willy, CEO of Xentaurs. "We feel like we are at the beginning of what will be a huge movement for enterprises to take advantage of what technology can provide as we enter what John Chambers calls the 'Digital Age'."

By joining the NVIDIA Partner Network, Xentaurs stands ready to offer customers the latest in graphics processing unit (GPU) solutions that can be used for deep learning, which is the use of sophisticated, multi-level neural networks to create systems that can perform feature detection from massive amounts of unlabeled training data. GPUs are used to train these deep neural networks using far larger training sets, in less time, with smaller infrastructure needs. GPU solutions can be used across a variety of artificial intelligence applications, including natural language processing, image classification, speech recognition, and video analytics.

"We were pretty impressed with what NVIDIA has done in the GPU space," said Xentaurs Principal James Mannelly. "NVIDIA has managed to take what they've learned in graphics acceleration and turn it into data analytics acceleration. The company's use of data lakes to make correlations in memory, eliminating the compute layer as the bottleneck, is what has impressed us the most."

"Xentaurs is a valued partner for NVIDIA in our channel program that has proven itself with customers in our initial deals," said Craig Weinstein, vice president of Americas Partner Organizations at NVIDIA. "Customers looking to be at the forefront of technology for machine learning projects should turn to NVIDIA Partner Networks companies like Xentaurs to learn the benefits of using NVIDIA GPUs."

A number of enterprises are using machine learning for content analysis and pattern recognition to improve product and services offerings. Software solutions are available now that use machine learning to drive a GPU database and cutting-edge visual analytics engine to allow multi-billion-record datasets to be queried and visualized in milliseconds. Xentaurs is ready to apply such technologies to assist its customers in transforming their businesses as well.

About Xentaurs 
Xentaurs (Twitter: @Xentaurs) is a next-generation systems integrator and solutions provider specializing in making digital business transformation a reality. Just like the half-horse, half-human creature of mythology its name is derived from, Xentaurs represents the seamless interaction between human and technology at the center of this new digital world. The company’s biggest value is embedded at the core of their engineering-centric culture. From its internal organization structure to their customer consulting methodology, Xentaurs practices a modern and agile operating model to facilitate the new needs of a digital world. A complete culture based on human merit and technology excellence. The company’s expertise and offerings covers advanced analytics, big data, devops, and digital platforms.


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