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Worldwide Influence The Magazine Online Splashy Launch Celebration Scheduled For Saturday, November 17, 2018 at SIXTY Beverly Hills For LA's Media Community

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November 15, 2018

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ As the concept of "celebrity" morphs away from the world of movie, TV, music, theatre and author stardom to who's-who online, fashion icon photographer Ash Gupta has created a new online magazine to feature this community with the launch of Worldwide Influence The Magazine. Sponsored by Cirem Cosmetics and Skin Care (, a debut event inviting LA's media community is set for 7:30 11:30 pm at the SIXTY Beverly Hills, 9360 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Featured megastars of the social media universe who are in the inaugural online issue will be in attendance including the list below. The magazine will become available for viewing on November 19th and behind-the-scenes coverage and deeper insight can be found on the Instagram page. A printed version of the magazine will be published twice a year. For more information and to submit for RSVP consideration, please click here.

The video-driven, conceptual-styled online magazine breaks all rules of the traditional media world and, under Gupta's direction, is curated by his group of creatives including video content creators and producers, artists, photographers, stylists and trend-setters.

"After shooting every major model and celebrity from Jennifer Lawrence to the Guggenheim family," explains internationally-known fashion photographer Ash Gupta, "it was my 16-year-old daughter and numerous young artists who made me realize how much the concept of celebrity has changed. Inspired, I set out to ignite my group into creating what this new generation craves in the digital form. For the media community, there are new rules, a new language, a new way of marketing and connecting that I felt really needed a voice."

The sections of the magazine include:

Q&A feature stories: Video-produced Q&As with the crme de la crme of YouTube, Instagram and beyond. These story-forward and cinematically-produced pieces delve into the private homes and personal opinions of influencers whose work has attracted millions of viewers.

The Tribe: Fashion-styled 1-minute videos with up-and-coming influencers who need to be recognized.

The Mugshot: An engaging glimpse of top fashion models seen as never before.

Weekly segment Hosted by Fletcher Does America, this segment features interviews with influencers giving their raw opinions about everything from rap culture to the dating scene and politics.

Photo Editorial layouts A themed take on the traditional photo layout, this section will be dictated by the fashion seasons of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. An upcoming issue will feature influencer's managers in the most desired brands of the moment.

Art column Plucked from Gupta's community of wild and wonderful artists, this section will begin with an aspect of fashion that will be destructed and then reconstructed into new pieces of inspiration.

The influencers featured in the inaugural issue include:

The cover story features the ever-so-effervescent and stunning model Jacqueline Fernandez. She tells us how she built a following of 22M, @jacquilinef143.

Vlogger and Sports Illustrated model, Kyra Santoro @kyrasantoro, @shotbykeeks.

The OG of BBoy dance and creator of 21 st Century Fox India's "Dance Plus," Poppin John (John Westley Austin), Youtube: poppinjohnfof, @poppinjohnsbk.

China-born / French model who attracted half a million followers by the age of 13, Jade Weber, @jade_weber_official.

From Vine fame to YouTube with his contagious laugh, Oscar Guerra, @realoscarguerra.

Aspiring LA actor, Chris Baris, who makes spitting bubbles a not-so-secret and socially acceptable talent, @chris_baris.

LGBTQ's favorite producer turned model Max Emerson dons a couture merman tail and demos a mirrorless drag makeup tutorial. @maxisms.

Fitness hacker, actress, and cheese lover Ivana Korab gives us the ins and outs of her bustling lifestyle as a model turned actress hailing all the way from Belgrade, Serbia, @ivanakorab.

The sizzling and sultry singer / songwriter InasX steams up the room in a no limits sneak peek into her rise to fame as a Palestinian / American artist, @inasx.

Madeleine Byrne is Instagram's most relatable girlfriend who improvs her way through dating and a budding acting career, @madeleinebyrnee.

Urvashi Routela is a Bollywood superstar with over 10 million Instagram followers who drops into LA for a glamourous minute, @urvashirautela.

Former GUESS? stylist turned Bebe cover girl Abla Sofy shares truths about being the first Moroccan / Arab model to represent the brand, @ablasofy.

Daughter of the Bikram Yoga empire, Laju Choudhury releases her gorgeous new yoga collection, @princesslaju, @lacedbylaju.

Canadian and charming actor, Crawford Collins is the boy-next-door with dimples to kill and a journey worth hearing, @CrawfordCollins.

About: In the same scope that TIME Magazine has its powerful political figures, Forbes has it entrepreneurial business moguls, Vogue has its global fashion icons, and Rolling Stone its music and media rock stars, Worldwide Influence The Magazine has the world's most influential social media front-runners and content creators of our time. Created by icon fashion photographer Ash Gupta, and his wild and wonderful band of artists, video expressionists, stylists, photographers and trend-setters, WWITM is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital magazine about influencers and the youth-centered new generation of internet celebrity.

Press contacts:
Nadine Hanley / Alyson Dutch, BROWN + DUTCH PR, INC.
[email protected]


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