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VIDEO: iFrogz Launches Line of Mobile Accessories for Kids

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January 07, 2013

iFrogz launched their full line of products for kids at CES 2013. The Animatone line of headphones and earbuds has been augmented with cases and speaker systems with the same playful styling and kid-friendly features and we've got a video preview.

The Animatone product series is highlighted by child-friendly designs and animal-inspired images in a variety of bright colors. Both versions of the first Animatone audio accessories - earbuds and headphones - feature built-in volume boundaries to prevent the sound from being turned louder than 85 decibels, the equivalent of an average telephone dial tone.

One of the newest additions unveiled at CES 2013 is the Animatone Snug, which includes soft, durable, plush toys with front pockets designed for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and other handheld media devices. The Animatone Snug line has a revolutionary and innovative wireless system called NearFA technology, first introduced with the iFrogz Boost line. Gadget users amplify a device's sound by simply placing a smartphone, MP3 player or other device equipped with an external speaker into the front pocket of the Animatone Snug, giving kids a fun and interactive way to listen to music or watch videos.

At CES 2013, iFrogz is also introducing the Animatone Tumble, a protective case for the Apple iPad. The Tumble holds the iPad in a strong, but lightweight protective case to provide peace of mind for parents when kids are using the family tablet. The Tumble features a handle that allows easy carrying for hands of all sizes and snaps out to become an adjustable stand for media viewing from multiple angles.

"Our new Animatone line lets us now offer creative product solutions to kids, who are very comfortable with gadgets," said Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of marketing for ZAGG, which manufactures and markets iFrogz products. "As parents, we see our children naturally interacting with mobile devices; they use them for games, music, videos and more. With the Animatone line, our goal is to provide products that children will love, while keeping their safety as our top priority and providing peace of mind for parents closely following."

The Animatone earbuds retail for $19.99, the headphones retail for $24.99, the Snug retails for $49.99, and the Tumble retails for $49.99, as well. The Animatone line is available online at and at select retail locations nationwide.

iFrogz, a ZAGG brand, creates digital audio and mobile phone accessories for the iPod, iPhone, iPad and other consumer electronics. iFrogz specializes in creative, value-priced mobile accessories. Its products include headphones, earbuds, cases, portable speakers, and soon, complete lines of accessories for gamers and children. iFrogz is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZAGG Inc.

Learn about iFrogz and its products at

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