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VIDEO: Google Unveils Google+ Sign-In; Second Chance for Google +?

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February 26, 2013

Google hasn't had too much success yet with Google+ compared to the runaway success of competitors like Facebook and Twitter, but one thing that's certain is that the search giant is NOT just sitting around hoping it'll get better.

Today, they've unveiled a major update called Google+ Sign-In, which offers 'simple, secure authentication' via Google IDs all over the web. It works similar to Facebook Connect, but using Google's sign-in features automatically links it to folks' Google+, Gmail, etc. accounts that offer high security options like 2-step verification and more.

Will this help engagement with the social network as well? We'll find out. In the meantime, here's the details from the Google+ Developer's blog.

Seeking an easier way to grow users with hassle-free, one-click sign-in? Google+ Sign-In increases conversions by reducing the burden and friction of login-particularly for mobile users-all while helping users keep their accounts more safe.

With minimal effort, you can add a trusted registration system that's familiar to users and consistent across devices. Google+ Sign-In lets users skip high drop-off registration forms and avoid having to remember yet another username and password. This makes registration faster and more secure, and reduces support costs for forgotten usernames and passwords.

Add sign-in button:
Image of sign-in button in upper right corner of web page
Google+ Sign-In for your app

Build on a trusted relationship

Allow users to sign in with the same credentials they use every day on Google with the same sign-in protections users expect from Google, including 2-step verification. It's easier for users to sign in with their existing Google account than to create and remember details of a new account.

Works with your existing sign-in systems

You can prompt users to sign in to Google not only at signup, but also when they return to your site, or any other time to take full advantage of your site's social features. And, your users can connect their existing account on your service to Google even if they are already linked through another social service.

Screenshot of sign-in consent dialog box on Android Screenshot of sign-in consent dialog box on the web
Google+ Sign-In lets you securely request access to profile information and lets users control who can see their activity.

Avoid the hassle of creating your own authentication system

Google+ Sign-In mitigates data-breach risks and reduces the burden and costs of identity security. The Google authentication window creates a trusted link between you, your users, and their Google account.

Learn more about your users and their friends

With a user's permission, Google+ Sign-In lets you improve your service by giving you access to their basic information from their public profile and the list of people in their circles.

Give users more choice

Allowing users to sign in with Google lets them select which identity they want to use in your app. By offering this choice, users are more likely to feel at ease with the decision to sign up for your service, improving conversions.

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