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Talksum Incorporates Universal Logging Profile in Data Stream Router

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December 02, 2014

Talksum Inc., a leader in high-speed data processing and management solutions, today announced universal logging profile (ULP) capability in its flagship Talksum Data Stream Router (TDSR), which helps data centers manage Big Data for applications that require massive amounts of real-time processing.

The ULP enables the TDSR to ingest inordinate amounts of data from many disparate sources, bring it together, and normalize it to a common event expression, so that real-time decisions and actions can be taken on the output side.

Log message structures in events today consist of many attributes, such as time, host, group ID, user ID, and so on. Each attribute has different logging formats for different protocols, such as RFC-3164 (syslog), RFC-5424 (rsyslog), Lumberjack (RH7), Common Logging Format (NCSA), and string messages (ASCII), to name a few. The ULP performs inline conversion of semantic context to syntactical values ready for counts, correlations, and analytics. Multiple data stream views are created as outputs to the downstream consumer – that is, reporting dashboard, data science group, alerts, business intelligence tools, and so on.

The approach of the Talksum solution is to understand the data before it is stored, as opposed to today's approach of storing first, and then trying to figure out what is in the data.

“Universal Logging Profile ensures that our customers get a common holistic view of their entire data flow through their data center,” said Dale Russell, CTO of Talksum. “It allows the TDSR to bring in all of the important data types, data points, metrics, and so on, with different formatting protocols and transports, into a common manageable data stream that can be output for real-time decisions and actions.”

The high-speed TDSR handles most types of structured and unstructured disparate data from any source over the network. It formats and transforms the data in real time, data reduces, aggregates, and enriches the data by correlating events with other external sources, and contextually routes actionable data to any downstream system, including BI tools, analytics systems, databases, and other storage.

Talksum has taken a unique approach to real-time data management by combining the latest developments of hardware and efficient inline processing and algorithms. The TDSR exceeds speeds necessary to handle Big Data initiatives of today and tomorrow, and processes millions of events per second (tens of billions of events per day) to keep pace with velocity. In addition, since it is a hardware-configured unit that fits into an existing rack, it simplifies the data management process and avoids the need for specialized skills and custom code, making it easy to monitor and analyze data in real time while reducing the cost of acquisition, ETL, and integration.

About Talksum

Talksum Inc. is a leader in high-speed data processing and management solutions whose mission is to develop new ways of processing, routing, and managing Big Data. The Talksum Data Stream Router (TDSR) provides a real-time streaming data solution that is perfect for Big Data initiatives that require massive amounts of data processing.

To learn more, visit http://www.talksum.com. Connect with Talksum via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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