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Symboli is Building a World-Class Team of Advisors

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December 20, 2018

Symboli announces many of its board members who will serve on the company’s advisory board paving the way for both Symboli and its Cannabis Dividend®. Symboli’s CEO, Peter Brian, commented: “We have carefully selected advisors who are helping us bridge the gap between the blockchain, cannabis, politics and mainstream business.”

Founding members of Symboli’s advisory board announced today include:

Paul McElearney

Paul McElearney has helped build and finance many companies, co-founded three companies, and is currently founding member and Board member of Aegis Health Analytics and Coin Management Solutions.

Joy Zamoyski Koch

CEO of Gold Ridge Ranch & Vineyards. Joy is an investor and entrepreneur in the California cannabis industry. Joy invented and launched In ComfortStall®.

Andre Szykier

Andre Szykier has been involved with fractal data compression, behavioral targeting, advertising analytics, space exploration, and cybersecurity. He works with government agencies in the United States (NSA, NRO, TSA) and security agencies in the UK and Israel.

Juan Saavedra, Esq.

Mr. Juan Saavedra is Managing Director, The Hertell Group, he was General Counsel and Director of the Legal Division at the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico.

Remy Szykier

Ms. Szykier is an entrepreneur enabling new business models through innovation, finance, partnerships and policy. She is CEO at Aegis Health Analytic, Board Member at UbiVault, and an advisor and investor.

Rory O’Neill

Rory O’Neill is Executive Chairman of Electrina, an investor and disruptive visionary. Mr. O’Neill embraces and invests in blockchain and cryptocurrency with a global group of technologists and entrepreneurs.

Tyler Marchand

A philanthropist, technology entrepreneur, and CEO of Monarch.

Neil Juneja

Founder and managing partner at the Gleam Law firm.

Melvin Heide JR

Melvin Heidi is VP of finance and HR at Moxie software, former auditor for KPMG.

In our next news we will release information on two of our high ranking Government board members. Stay tuned.

Please visit our website at www.symboli.com.

Online Contacts:

- Website: www.symboli.com
- Telegram: t.me/IcQoK0sqIk
- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18913923/admin
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/symbolicoin

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