Tuesday, November 21, 2017

STAGE TUBE: Ubuntu On Your Cell Phone? Useful or Not?

Stage Tube
January 02, 2013

Got 20 minutes? Watch Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth explain Ubuntu's mobile strategy and what it offers industry partners.

Big news from Ubuntu today, as they enter the ever-crounding market of mobile app operating systems. Today they've announced their new mobile strategy, noting that "Operators have room to enhance Ubuntu with their own services, content, apps and branding without breaking compatibility with the broader Ubuntu app ecosystem. Canonical engages with OEMs and operators to enable them to ship phones with custom capabilities, or offer exclusive items for their audience.

Content can be surfaced in the home screen and search, apps can be pre-installed and there are ample opportunities for branding the device. With an extensible cloud framework on every Ubuntu device, you can deliver custom services to your audience that fit neatly into a global cloud ecosystem. "

For more information, watch the video below and click here!

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