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SABINETEK Features Award-Winning Audio Products at CES 2019

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January 11, 2019

SABINETEK showcases three audio products at CES, including 2019 CES Innovation Award Winner: the Solo Bluetooth karaoke headset.

SABINETEK products feature the latest in acoustic technology to bring high quality, mobile and immersive entertainment to consumers.

Solo ‘Sing As You Go’: 2019 CES Innovation Award Winner

Solo is the world’s first high-quality wireless karaoke headset. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and with smart TVs, a simple clap of the hands removes the original voice on any soundtrack - ideal for air guitar enthusiasts. It works with any music app (like iTunes, Spotify or Smule) and allows users to transfer songs to their phone in real-time, ready to share on social networks.

Solo uses technology that embeds a dual-core professional-grade DSP audio processing chip to maximise adaptive noise suppression and aid clear music playback. Additional modifications including reverberation adjustment, voice and background music mixing, can be made using the SABINETEK app.

Solo headset comes in black or silver and will be available on Amazon from Spring 2019 for USD 79.

Smart Mike+: easy-to-use Bluetooth mic for smart phones

At CES SABINETEK will demo Smart Mike+, the easy-to-use high quality Bluetooth microphone for smart phones.

The small wireless mic clips to a jacket or the collar of a T-shirt and uses noise removing technology to overcome poor sound quality and background noise.

The multi-track, real-time and simultaneous technology means it can be used to mix background music and vocals for a professional result.

Smart Mike+ can also double as a regular Bluetooth headset. It will be available on Amazon from Spring 2019 for USD 49.

Blue SPK: the first interactive speaker for singers

Blue SPK is a bidirectional, high quality Bluetooth transmission karaoke speaker. Its unique interactive function mixes vocals from the embedded microphone with music from a phone and plays it back through the speaker. It also transfers the track back to the mobile for later editing or sharing.

This personal karaoke bar and low cost KTV solution in one works with any music app (like iTunes, Spotify, Smule, etc). Enhanced modifications like reverberation adjustment, original voice removal and background music mixing can be made using the SABINETEK app.

Blue SPK will be available on Amazon from summer 2019 for USD 129.99.

For further information visit SABINETEK.

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