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Nikki Finke Set to Join Mediaite

November 14, 2016

One of the freshest voices in Internet journalism is finally re-joining the ranks of Internet journalists which is great news for us all. Mediaite, part of the Dan Abrams network of sites has just brought the veteran on board for a January 2017 start.

According to the news site:

Nikki will have complete autonomy to opine, and I quote: "on what she wants and how she wants to say it," which were her only conditions for joining us. The hiring of Nikki comes as Mediaite has welcomed record traffic (and is on track again to break that record this month) and become a, if not the, leader in the national debate over media and politics. I am confident that Nikki's fearless voice, which so many know all too well, will now help take Mediaite to new heights.

Because of a non-compete agreement, she won't be writing about the entertainment industry but everything else, including much of what Mediaite covers on a daily basis, will be fair game for her forthcoming Mediaite column.

Here is how Nikki described her decision to join us: "I don't want managerial duties. I don't want bosses or editors. I don't want contracts. So I have none," she explained. "I rejected other offers to return to journalism but accepted yours because of the freedom you are giving me. I can write regularly or irregularly, long or short, fiercely or forgivingly. At this stage in my 40-year journalism career, that's what I want and need."

Read the full post here and welcome back Nikki, we've missed you!


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