Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Next Level Launches Executive Directive Program for Upper-Level Execs

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February 04, 2019

Next Level ( launches Executive Directive program for upper-level execs.

Career transition experts at Next Level have announced the launch of a program, Executive Directive, aimed at moving upper-level executives to the next step of their career path. "High-level men and women, including C-suite executives, confront special problems owing to age, salary and competition that others do not experience," according to Jack Robbins, Next Level CEO. The Executive Directive program is intended to address upward movement in a career but is also concerned with eliminating 'slippage' where a man or woman might find themselves facing a demotion with the attendant scaling back of earnings.

"Target suitability is an important element of designing a successful approach for upper-level men and women," says Jack Robbins. "Following the herd isn't likely to ensure the top-level results our people expect."


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