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New Financial Application CERTAINCENTS Launches Today

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February 27, 2015

Chicago engineer Mitchell Hedditch launched the web application CertainCents this week, designed as a tool to give peace of mind to those just beginning their financial plan or those who need help to get out of debt, but don't have the resources for a financial advisor. He originally developed the system for personal use and after a short time it not only helped him to gain control of his finances, but allowed many of his close friends get to better financial outcomes as well. Hedditch decided to make CertainCents a web platform for the general public after realizing that there is a real need for financial forecasting tools that are easy to use.

CertainCents helps eliminate headaches and security concerns (no bank connection requirement). Users enter transactions (one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annual) and CertainCents will automatically formulate where their budget stands for a rolling calendar year. Users can set personal minimums and the app's innovative color coding allows them to see well ahead of time when they are getting dangerously close to falling below their personally set minimum threshold- with enough time to make a change before it's too late.

The perfect website for young professionals wanting to simplify money management, CertainCents ( is an effective tool that makes budgeting easy for beginners. While there are many popular finance apps in the market, CertainCents takes extra steps to break down the process and to help eliminate headaches, security concerns and further confusion (think color coding, simplified verbiage, no bank connection requirement, step-by-step instructions and basic computer knowledge needs). CertainCents allows users to view and manage their finances easily so they are never in fear of the unknown or a negative account balance again. Developed by a Chicago based startup, CertainCents grew from an idea in 2012 and entered private beta testing in 2014.

Founder Mitchell Hedditch designed CertainCents as a tool to give users peace of mind.

"I originally developed this system for my personal use, and after a short time, it not only helped me gain control of my finances, but has allowed many of my close family and friends get themselves out of debt", said Hedditch. "I decided to make CertainCents a web platform for the general public after doing research and realizing that there is a real need for financial forecasting tools that are easy to use. Without knowing how to budget, or how monthly financial behavior impacts your future, what is the point in knowing what your monthly budget is? Over 47% of Americans are in debt right now, and I hope to help people learn how to manage their finances a little better."

CertainCents walks first time users through a simple set up process, assisting with the creation of accounts, and the input of individual, weekly, monthly or random transactions. These items only need to be entered once during the initial sign up, and CertainCents' forecasting engine automatically calculates and displays a status of the users' finances for the upcoming 12 months, refreshing every time they log in. Most users are up and running in just 5 minutes.

CertainCents' user friendly format allows the public the ease of mind in knowing the impact that each transaction makes on their financial future via a unique color coded table. With a display of green (above set minimum), yellow (close to set minimum), red (below set minimum) and black (negative), users are able to focus on the most important aspects of their finances.

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