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Neal and Michaele Schon's Bid to Save Mother, Rosemary Holt, to Become New Documentary, 'Saving Rosemary'

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November 20, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Journey founder and only remaining original member Neal Schon and his wife, former Real Housewives D.C. star Michaele Schon, are opening up their heretofore private lives to draw attention to the growing crisis of systemic elder care abuse in America. Originally revealed on, the story of Michaele's mother, Rosemary Holt's, ongoing suffering at the hands of a broken legal system in Virginia, is fast bringing much needed scrutiny to the critical social problem.

The couple has also now revealed that there is a major network documentary in process. "Saving Rosemary" will discuss the disconnected and profit-driven, multimillion-dollar elder care business with the resulting abuse, neglect, and exploitation thatare destroying the most vulnerable and fragile American citizens (for more on the elder care crisis in Virginia specifically, see USA Today's article on Elder Care Abuse in the VA Nursing Homes).

The evidence of insufficiency and abuse cited by the Schons includes frequent injuries, documented neglect, medical malpracticeincluding the administration of inappropriate and dangerous sedative medicationsand untruthful reporting to the family concerning Rosemary's care.

The couple's immediate goal is to obtain conservatorship of Rosemary in order to return her to the previous level of independence and dignity that she rightfully deserves, but also want to share their experience to create a meaningful dialogue about the condition of the American health care system.

Video: Rosemary with the Schons, prior to placement at assisted living facility:

Links to Additional Information and Evidence:

  1. Rosemary Holt's Letter to Arlington, VA Court Judge Newman
  2. Police Report Regarding Above Injury
  3. Rosemary's Story Outlined in Petition
  4. Individuals Associated with the Case

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