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Kuna Announces the Design for the Industry’s First Dual Camera Smart Doorbell. First licensee Maximus to release the Answer DualCam Video Doorbell in 2019.

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January 06, 2019

Kuna licenses out its designs for home security products, and provides AI-based recognition and storage services in the cloud accessible from its mobile app. Today, Kuna announces the design for the industry’s first Dual Camera Smart Doorbell. Its first licensee, Maximus®, will release the Maximus Answer DualCam Video Doorbell in early 2019.

Kuna’s innovative design eliminates the blind spots in existing doorbells by using two cameras. These HDR cameras allow simultaneous monitoring of visitors to the door and packages on the floor. The design exploits Ambarella’s state-of-the-art high resolution quad-core S5L-4K chip that supports the latest video protocol, H.265. The four cores enable the Kuna platform to introduce sophisticated AI features directly on the camera, augmenting its cloud-based AI services. The versatile design is adaptable to different requirements and provides clear video even under challenging lighting conditions. A music quality speaker plays messages customized via the Kuna app, and echo cancellation allows for crystal clear two way conversation with visitors. The design is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

“Our latest design will fundamentally change the smart doorbell landscape,” predicts Sai-Wai Fu, CEO of Kuna. “All parts of our platform - camera firmware, AI cloud services, and the mobile apps - have been updated to benefit from the latest technologies.”

Maximus Answer DualCam Video Doorbell, the first product to license Kuna’s design, will be available at major retailers, including Costco and Home Depot, in 2019. Kuna is in active discussions with other potential partners to adapt its design to their needs.

Also coming in 2019, Maximus will introduce their next generation products on the new Kuna platform. The Maximus Camera Porch Light, a new and improved version of the popular Smart Security Light(s), will feature an increased field of view, 1080p cameras, improved motion sensing and detection, easier installation, and audio enhanced by echo cancellation.

Visit www.getkuna.com to learn more about Kuna. The Maximus Answer doorbell will be on display for demonstrations at CES 2019 at Maximus’ booth 42158 and Unveiled.

About Kuna:

Kuna is a home security company that licenses out a complete platform for smart home security solutions. It provides the design for devices that include a camera, and operates a subscription-based AI cloud service providing access to live video feed and automatically triggered recordings via its mobile apps on smart phones. Its design is featured in products including the Maximus Smart Security Light, Maximus Camera Floodlight, and the Toucan Outdoor Security Camera by VuPoint Solutions.

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