Sunday, May 19, 2019

James Feldkamp to Enhance Popular Blog on Global Politics

BWW News Desk
March 07, 2019

An already-popular terrorism blog by intelligence professional James Feldkamp will soon be enhanced to provide even more information about global politics, the media, and world events.

The in-demand blog website, which can be found at, made its debut last summer. It was then updated in the fall to offer more social media integration along with other features that Feldkamp’s avid readers were requesting. Now, version 3.0 of the blog website will be launched on April 1.

The new blog website update, which will be based on reader feedback, will come with additional improvements to the site as well as much more content focused on the role that the media plays in global politics.

Feldkamp’s motivation for creating the blog website last year was to eliminate the public’s terrorism-related fears by introducing them to terrorism’s history. He also uses the blog to show readers the impact of terrorism on today’s global events. Through his website, readers can become more knowledgeable about how to defend themselves against terrorism and how current events around the world will impact them long term.

Feldkamp works as a lead consultant for Intelligence & Counterterrorism at Complete Threat Preparedness. This company features professionals who operate in a multitude of areas, including intelligence/ special operations, survival, emergency management, construction, and public safety. Feldkamp uses his consultant role to train individuals as well as organizations on how to protect themselves against natural hazards and manmade dangers. He also offers security and safety expertise to members of both the public sector and the private sector.

Feldkamp possess over 30 years of international security and foreign policy experience, having served in both the federal government and the armed forces. He is passionate about using his experience and knowledge to increase maritime security and boost communication among agencies when it comes to tackling global matters.


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