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InterSystems Selected as Primary Technology Partner for Nation's Longest Standing Public-Private Health Information Network

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March 14, 2019

a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwintersystemscom2Fampesheet51953780ampnewsitemid20190314005062amplanenUSampanchorInterSystemsampindex1ampmd50f242cc59ce345a99df54723f0e61b38 relnofollowInterSystemsa a global leader in information technology platforms for health business and government applications today announced it has been selected by the a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fehealthexchangeorg2Fampesheet51953780ampnewsitemid20190314005062amplanenUSampanchoreHealthExchangeampindex2ampmd53a2d4f58c4c21884c7df46f914eca5d7 relnofolloweHealth Exchangea the largest nationwide health information network connecting the public and private sectors as the technology partner powering the networks latest expansion plans The network will implement InterSystems HealthShare suite of connected health solutions to help deliver the initial enhancements pblockquotep idpullquotepblockquote p The eHealth Exchange enables federal agencies 75 percent of US hospitals and tens of thousands of clinics to share patient records to better treat patients and coordinate care The eHealth Exchange also supports public health reporting quality reporting and disability and insurance determinations The network celebrated its 10year anniversary by adopting a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwintersystemscom2Fproducts2Fhealthshare2Fampesheet51953780ampnewsitemid20190314005062amplanenUSampanchorInterSystemsHealthShareampindex3ampmd52e027a9ca46a91e145ea6a915a2a2752 relnofollowInterSystems HealthSharea to power its information exchange accelerating network expansion and introducing new use cases such as populationlevel exchange push notifications discrete datalevel queries using HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources FHIR prescription drug monitoring programs PDMP and more p p HealthShare is a suite of connected health solutions that unites providers patients and payers with a unified health record and analytics that span the care continuum HealthShare integrates data from a variety of health information systems and pulls it into one place to give care teams a complete view of the patient creating a unified communitywide health record p p InterSystems is thrilled that HealthShare will power the everexpanding ecosystem for the eHealth Exchange said Don Woodlock vice president of HealthShare for InterSystems As the participants in eHealth Exchange continue to grow in number and members the scalability durability and performance of HealthShare are perfectly suited to enable the national network to grow Providing better connectivity between providers of all types and the patients they serve gets us all to a shared common objective a unified view of the patient and a more engaged and engaging healthcare system p p InterSystems partners with some of the nations largest health information exchanges HIEs to serve as the underlying technology behind the networks including Healthix the largest public HIE in the US Manifest MedEx Californias largest nonprofit health data network New York Care Information Gateway a health information organization covering 65 million patients across the five boroughs of New York and Long Island and North Carolina Department of Information Technologys NC HealthConnex the states designated health information exchange supporting 4500 healthcare facilities across the state p p To learn more about InterSystems HealthShare visit a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwintersystemscom2Fproducts2Fhealthshare2Fampesheet51953780ampnewsitemid20190314005062amplanenUSampanchorhttps3A2F2Fwwwintersystemscom2Fproducts2Fhealthshare2Fampindex4ampmd555084066878e1722f9c4f30b0c5c510c relnofollowhttpswwwintersystemscomproductshealthsharea p p bAbout InterSystemsbbrInterSystems is the information engine that powers some of the worlds most important applications In healthcare finance government and other sectors where lives and livelihoods are at stake InterSystems has been a strategic technology provider since 1978 InterSystems is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge Massachusetts USA with offices worldwide and its software products are used daily by millions of people in more than 80 countries For more information please visit a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Fwwwintersystemscom2Fampesheet51953780ampnewsitemid20190314005062amplanenUSampanchorhttp3A2F2Fwwwintersystemscom2Fampindex5ampmd5c2ed4f8fec0eb7013c5dfbbfc219a399 relnofollowhttpwwwintersystemscoma p pimg referrerpolicyunsafeurl alt srchttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidbwnewsampsty20190314005062r1ampsidweb01ampdistronxamplangen stylewidth0height0span classbwct31415p

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