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Infographic Shows Why Texting While Driving Is a Bad Idea

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January 05, 2019

According to a 2016 research published in the journal Scientific Reports, texting is found to be the most dangerous form of distracted driving. Government data has also parsed data and determined that texting while driving causes an average of 3,000 to 6,000 deaths a year, supporting the research’s findings. Part Catalog, a Texas-based provider of car accessories, digs deep into the facts and collates the data in an informative infographic entitled The Dangers of Distracted Driving.

A single text only costs five seconds to send, but it’s long enough for a car traveling at an average of 55 miles per hour to cover the entire length of a football field. In fact, texting while driving increases the chances of collision 23 times, contributes to 25 percent of all car accidents, and results in almost 400,000 counts of physical injuries.

Texting while driving is also found to be worse than drunk driving—a surprising conclusion derived from data collected in the past few years.

All these interesting findings are laid out in a clear visual presentation along with the science of what makes this seemingly inconsequential activity a real threat to road safety. Aside from highlighting these facts, the infographic also seeks to make a safer road environment by including tips on how to break the habit of texting while behind the wheels.

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