Saturday, May 25, 2019

Green Buoy Consulting Launches Restaurant Sustainability Playbook

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May 15, 2019

Playbook saves clients money with guided resource reduction.

Green Buoy Consulting, provider of sustainability consulting to small business, today announced the launch of The Sustainability Playbook for Restaurants, a fillable PDF and Excel workbook that guides restaurant owners through sustainability tasks to reduce waste and costs.

Available digitally, the Playbook can be completed online and pays for itself within a year. Each Playbook includes:

1. Step-by-Step guidelines on how to reduce, including space to fill in your data
2. How to engage employees, track savings, set goals and share sustainability information
3. Comprehensive Excel book with tracking, graphs, and goal setting
4. Time and people estimates to complete sustainability on your schedule

The Playbook is available on the Green Buoy Consulting website. Purchase the full version for $699, or individual Waste, Water or Energy Playbooks for $249 each.

Green Buoy Consulting founder Eliza Erskine says “Restaurant owners deserve a sustainability solution with information and action. In following the steps, filling in the blanks, and tracking their savings, they take control of their sustainability strategy.”

About Green Buoy Consulting: Green Buoy provides early stage and small businesses with sustainability fit to their culture, size and industry. Sustainability increases profits, and provides market advantages. Green Buoy takes the idea of sustainability and applies it into your business so that you see benefits.


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