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Five Tech Data Executives Recognized as 2019 CRN Channel Chiefs

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February 11, 2019

With a transforming IT landscape that demands quick adaptation todays top channel executives need to be able to lead adaptively as well a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Fwwwtechdatacomampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorTechDataampindex1ampmd543103214e46f4b13f8c5943c50d9ee82 relnofollowTech Dataa NasdaqTECD is pleased to announce that a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Fwwwcrncomampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorCRNC2AEampindex2ampmd585feffe85fddb136c8ef385ad55bc02f relnofollowCRNsubbbsuba a brand of a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Fwwwthechannelcocom2Fampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorTheChannelCompanyampindex3ampmd51e71b02bd0af3ae3256cfb2f790326ec relnofollowThe Channel Companya has named five Tech Data executives to its prestigious list of 2019 Channel Chiefs These top IT channel leaders continually strive to drive the channel agenda and deliver growth and revenue through their strong channel partnerships pblockquotep idpullquotepblockquote p Our talented executives exemplify the dedication passion and focus that Tech Data brings to its customers every day said Joe Quaglia president Americas at Tech Data Our Channel Chiefs are continually pushing the envelope to drive our business forward and prepare our customers for the digital trends of the future p p Chosen for their leadership influence and ability to create strong relationships and channel programs this years list of a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Ftdcontenttechdatacom2Freseller2Fsecure2Fcommerce2Fpromos2Fchannelchiefsaspxampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorTechDataChannelChiefsampindex4ampmd5d388a3cee450e5fbbbe1b57099b472bf relnofollowTech Data Channel Chiefsa includes p ul li classbwlistitemmargb bMarty Bauerleinb senior vice president Sales North America Bauerlein oversees the strategic direction of the companys Commercial Retail Enterprise Government Specialist Solutions and National Accounts teams as well as the Canada sales team Bauerlein provides guidance and insights regarding improving the selling motion developing cross and upsell opportunities to deliver profitable growth for the company and an unmatched customer experience for channel partners li li classbwlistitemmargb bKevin Kennedybb bsenior vice president Advanced Solutions Kennedys team is responsible for the strategy support and sales execution for Advanced Solutions at Tech Data Kennedy is also responsible for optimizing sales performance helping customers to accelerate the pace of nextgeneration technology adoption and for expanding sales capacity across Tech Datas endtoend portfolio li li classbwlistitemmargb bStacy Nethercoatb vice president Cloud Solutions Americas Nethercoat oversees all product marketing programs and initiatives developed to support the companys cloud business in the Americas Specifically she is responsible for public hybrid and private cloud strategy execution customer engagement new vendor incubation solutions development and services for the Americas region li li classbwlistitemmargb bJohn OSheab senior vice president Global Lifecycle Management Services OShea oversees the strategic direction of Tech Datas services business globally His team is responsible for delivering a suite of customer and product lifecycle management services that enable OEMs and solution providers to release capital from their businesses that helps them accelerate transformation li li classbwlistitemmargb bLinda Rendlemanb senior vice president Endpoint Solutions Rendleman leads the team responsible for developing building and expanding multivendor endpoint solutions for partners that are easily consumable expand the sales opportunity with the end customer and increase the opportunity to attach servicesHer teams strategy is centered around three key trends driving growth in the endpoint market workspace transformation anytimeanywhere digital workforce and nextgeneration collaboration solutions li ul p Each of these 2019 Channel Chiefs has demonstrated exceptional leadership vision and commitment to their channel partner programs Channel Chief honorees are selected by CRNs editorial staff as a result of their professional achievements standing in the industry dedication to the channel partner community and strategies for driving future growth and innovation p p The individuals on CRNs 2019 Channel Chiefs list deserve special recognition for their contribution and support in the development of robust partner programs innovative business strategies and significant influence to the overall health of the IT channel said Bob Skelley CEO of The Channel Company We applaud each Channel Chiefs remarkable record of accomplishments and look forward to following their continued success p p The 2019 CRN Channel Chiefs list including the 50 Most Influential Channel Chiefs is featured online at a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Fwwwcrncom2Fchannelchiefsampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorwwwcrncom2Fchannelchiefsampindex5ampmd508f52b78da31c0de804cad5a42b988de relnofollowwwwcrncomchannelchiefsa and will appear in the February 2019 issue of CRN p p a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fcttac2F4tX8eampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorClicktotweetampindex6ampmd5698d187c61f12d8d10e5f32ce96a8195 relnofollowClick to tweeta Five TechData executives named to CRN ChannelChiefs 2019 list a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Fwwwtechdatacom2Fnewshtmlampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorFindampindex7ampmd5e7f47d68890b60417e56f29f2bb0eda1 relnofollowFinda out more at a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Finvestortechdatacom2Fnewsreleasesampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorhttp3A2F2Finvestortechdatacom2Fnewsreleasesampindex8ampmd513b9a9be176aa4c5eaa908359e3e7be6 relnofollowspan classbwulinehttpinvestortechdatacomnewsreleasesspana p p iCopyright 2019 CRN is a registered trademark of The Channel Company LLC All rights reservedi p p bAbout Tech Datab p p Tech Data connects the world with the power of technology Our endtoend portfolio of products services and solutions highly specialized skills and expertise in nextgeneration technologies enable channel partners to bring to market the products and solutions the world needs to connect grow and advance Tech Data is ranked No 83 on the Fortune 500supsup and has been named one of Fortunes Worlds Most Admired Companies for 10 straight years To find out more visit a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Fwwwtechdatacomampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorwwwtechdatacomampindex9ampmd506c923b89b50cba3c4a47c04f70311fb relnofollowwwwtechdatacoma or follow us on a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Ftwittercom2FTechDataampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorTwitterampindex10ampmd526495845baccdb530dba94557f0be94e relnofollowTwittera a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwlinkedincom2Fcompany2Ftechdata2Fampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorLinkedInampindex11ampmd5eb7db2e73a214cf6dd248d5e2c629464 relnofollowLinkedIna and a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwfacebookcom2FTechDataCorporation2Fampesheet51938562ampnewsitemid20190211005281amplanenUSampanchorFacebookampindex12ampmd548b5e4f9ec5243df64b544a9ca0cb28e relnofollowFacebooka p

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