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Fastest Growing Companies List Announced by Growjo - Growjo Industry Awards

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April 09, 2019

Growjo today announced the launch of the first ever Growjo Industry Awards The indexed list is based on a unique algorithm that is a firstofitskind to track organizations under 1000 employees that are poised for future growth pblockquotep idpullquotepblockquote p Growjo honors companies based on a number of key growth metrics including hiring trends funding and financial data web traffic brand awareness growth and more to determine companies on the up and up Some of the current top companies on the list include Lime Coinbase Bird Canopy Growth BlueVine Niantic Quip Chime TripActions Simplus RigUp MedMen Waitr and Drift p p Our team is focused on building an enduring company by delivering the best possible products for our customers and matching what they need as a modern business today said David Cancel founder and CEO of Drift Were proud of what we are creating and thrilled to be recognized for our growth alongside companies like Lime Bird and Quip p p We started Growjo because we wanted to recognize companies that were truly dedicated toward growth Companies that were poised to making moves in their respective industries explains Tom Blue CEO of Growjo We are excited to award these companies and keep an eye on how they continue to succeed in the foreseeable future p p Growjo is different than other award based companies who require company submissions of financials and a long list of user input to contrive an award list based only on those who submit their data We wanted to make growth recognition as easy as possible and inclusive of all growing companies with no submissions necessary said Jeremy Unruh Marketing Director of Growjo Companies that are recognized can get their badges press release and preloaded social content on their respective Growjo company profiles making it effortless for companies to share these accolades p p To see if your company made the list Check Out Growjo a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fgrowjocomampesheet51965782ampnewsitemid20190409005126amplanenUSampanchorHereampindex1ampmd55a36410d1451a0eb841348e87e01a795 relnofollowHerea p p If you would like to download the list of companies you can do so by subscribing to Growjo to receive information on new awards updates and content related to growth oriented companies p p a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fgrowjocom2Fexportlistampesheet51965782ampnewsitemid20190409005126amplanenUSampanchorSubscribeHereampindex2ampmd5ae069f5900f33892ef030699599f24a0 relnofollowSubscribe Herea p p bAbout Growjob p p Growjo the leader in identifying the list of the top growing companies in the world utilizes more than 20 unique growth indicators to assimilate the Growjo 10000 every month Growjo recognizes the top growing companies for their accomplishments through the algorithmbased list ranking and offers the list to anyone interested in an easily formatted and free downloadable format If you are interested in learning more about Growjo and how you can subscribe to updates and download the free list visit a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fgrowjocom2Fampesheet51965782ampnewsitemid20190409005126amplanenUSampanchorGrowjocomampindex3ampmd52e325a60fad181d75b90ba87f2e1e1c8 relnofollowGrowjocoma p pimg referrerpolicyunsafeurl alt srchttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidbwnewsampsty20190409005126r1ampsidweb02ampdistronxamplangen stylewidth0height0span classbwct31415p

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