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Data Center Liquid Cooling: Global Market Growth, Trends and Forecast Through 2019-2024 -

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March 15, 2019

The a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpswwwresearchandmarketscomresearchhqqxcsdatacenterw4 relnofollowData Center Liquid Cooling Market Growth Trends and Forecast 2019 2024a report has been added to strongResearchAndMarketscomsstrong offering pblockquotep idpullquotepblockquote p The data center liquid cooling market is expected to register a CAGR of over 252 during the forecast period 20192024 p p Rising investments in highdensity technology highperformance computing and power smart city initiatives are making state and local players engage in developing the most reliable and efficient methods to cool their data centers p p Increasing volumes of data generated are creating the demand for data centers and these centers consume a considerable amount of energy In 2016 data centers consumed 4162 terawatt hours of energy accounting for 3 of global energy consumption and nearly 40 more than the entire United Kingdom This consumption is expected to double every four years p p It is estimated that the Chinese data centers consume around 15 of Chinas energy and the data centers in the United States consume almost 2 of total energy in the United States The number of data centers is expected to grow further in the coming years p p Moreover traditional data centers are highly inefficient with their cooling systems consuming around 39 of the total power as most of the data centers around the world are still relying on traditional cooling solutions p p The energy consumption in data centers has been increasing with the growth in cloud computing technology Thus there has been a rising interest in the environmental performance of data centers Hence companies have started managing this concern on their premises p p With increasing technological advancements the focus of companies is now shifting toward reducing power consumption to improve efficiency and reduce costs Therefore the demand for efficient facility systems is growing Regulatory compliances remain one of the major challenges for data center vendors For instance the European Union has been proactively attempting to cut down on emissions and power consumption in data centers p p Moreover the Netherlands government has issued strict guidelines based on PUE metric to regulate DC power consumption in data centers While these measures are needed to ensure environmental sustainability in the short term they are destabilizing the data center vendor market p p Naturally the cooling systems in the data centers are also being checked for efficiency Data centers are complex and carry the uncertainty of quantity timing and location metrics The cooling systems need to engage in highdensity zones and it can be an onerous task for traditional cooling mechanisms A typical data center cooling system must be preengineered standardized and modular They are required to be scalable and flexible to meet the data center needs This is difficult in todays world with companies looking to cut down costs and being unwilling to spend much on the highend customized cooling systems p p Companies are also unsure of whether their cooling systems which are currently in use can sustain the future server load or not This makes infrastructural changes frequent and the companies unwilling to invest much in newer cooling systems p p The current market is highly pricesensitive and low on differentiation Data center operators are also wary of potential downtime losses while shifting to new cooling systems Hence they are willing to overlook operational expenditure and continue to use outdated cooling systems This trend slows the adoption of new technologies that are perceived to be untested p p strongKey Market Trendsstrong p p emBankingFinancial Services Segment expected to Register a Significant Growthem p p Banks are increasingly adopting public cloud services as they provide flexibility and agility resulting in a decrease in the number of data centers that are present and redundant without much use thus augmenting the demand for the data center liquid cooling market p p According to a survey by Intel Security the number of companies adopting hybrid cloud services alone has risen by three times the previous size Cloud providers have been increasing security and providing better and robust systems which can be highly beneficial for companies Banks have been adopting the use of biometric authentication tools to combat identity theft and fraud Increased digitization and connectivity have paved the way for many entry points in the system which have been creating more amount of data driving the need for data centers p p The use of data centers in the domain has slowed down owing to the advent of new trends such as softwaredefined data centers which migrated the storage to a more distributed framework unlike the typically used data centers The Bank of America has shut down three data centers as they have been migrating to similar architecture This has saved the cost of maintaining these data centers for the company Through the existence of such trends banks have been unveiling new data centers to support their operations and activities The OverseaChinese Banking Corporation has opened a new data center with an outlay of USD 1825 million This data center is expected to support the regional business requirements of 18 countries p p emNorth America Anticipated to Hold a Dominant Shareem p p In the United States the demand and rate of adoption for cloudbased computing are rapidly increasing owing to which data centers are ascending in the country thereby propelling the utilization of data center liquid cooling p p Liquid cooling is now highly preferred over conventional air cooling due to its greater efficiency and higher economic violability The United States is home to many tech giants such as Facebook and Apple wherein the volume of Big Data is tremendously increasing moreover companies are laying new strategies to ascend a number of data centers p p In June 2017 Facebook announced to lay a 200mile cable to the new data centers in Mexico which are likely to boost the market growth over the forecast period Additionally a few states of the United States are offering tax incentives specifically to data centers For instance Florida approved use and sales tax exemption for every new data center built in the state which is expected to present a positive impact on the US market growth p p Companies are rigorously investing in data centers to meet the growing demand from respective operations For instance the rising demand for cognitive capabilities in the United States has led IBM Corporation to build four new cloud data centers in the country This is likely to encourage the utilization of liquid cooling technology in these data centers thereby propelling the market growth over the forecast period p p strongCompetitive Landscapestrong p p The data center liquid cooling market is highly competitive and consists of several major players In terms of market share few of the major players currently dominate the market These major players with prominent shares in the market are focusing on expanding their customer base across foreign countries These companies are leveraging on strategic collaborative initiatives to increase their market shares and profitability p p The companies operating in the market are also acquiring startups working on enterprise network equipment technologies to strengthen their product capabilities In November 2017 Asetek served its existing OEM partner Fujitsu for the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST The order for Asetek RackCDU D2C DirecttoChip liquid cooling is expected to be used at the AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure ABCI cluster which is poised to become the fastest supercomputer system in Japan p p strongKey Topics Coveredstrong p p strong1 Introductionstrong p p 11 Study Deliverables p p 12 Study Assumptions p p 13 Scope of the Study p p strong2 Research Methodologystrong p p strong3 Executive Summarystrong p p strong4 Market Dynamicsstrong p p 41 Market Overview p p 42 Introduction to Market Drivers and Restraints p p 43 Market Drivers p p 431 Increasing Demand For Data Centers p p 432 Green Data Center Developments And Reducing Energy Consumption p p 44 Market Restraints p p 441 Adaptability Requirements p p 45 Technology Overview p p 46 Industry Attractiveness Porters Five Forces Analysis p p strong5 Market Segmentationstrong p p 51 By Type p p 511 Indirect Liquid Cooling p p 512 Direct Liquid Cooling p p 52 By End User p p 521 BankingFinancial Services p p 522 Manufacturing p p 523 IT and Telecommunication p p 524 Healthcare p p 525 CentralLocal Government p p 526 Entertainment and Media p p 527 Other End Users p p 53 Geography p p 531 North America p p 532 Europe p p 533 AsiaPacific p p 534 Latin America p p 535 Middle East amp Africa p p strong6 Competitive Landscapestrong p p 61 Company Profiles p p 611 Asetek AS p p 612 Rittal GmbH amp Co KG p p 613 Schneider Electric p p 614 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation p p 615 Alfa Laval p p 616 Vertiv Co p p 617 Midas Green Technologies LLC p p 618 Green Revolution Cooling Inc p p 619 CoolIT Systems Inc p p 6110 Liquid Cool Solutions p p 6111 Chilldyne Inc p p strong7 Market Opportunities and Future Trendsstrong p p 71 Investment Analysis p p 72 Future of the Market p p For more information about this report visit a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpswwwresearchandmarketscomresearchhqqxcsdatacenterw4 relnofollowhttpswwwresearchandmarketscomresearchhqqxcsdatacenterw4a p pimg referrerpolicyunsafeurl alt srchttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidbwnewsampsty20190315005417r1ampsidweb01ampdistronxamplangen stylewidth0height0span classbwct31415p

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