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Crush App Now Includes Questions about Political Affiliation

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November 21, 2018

DALLAS, Nov. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ The online dating app, Crush, where female users make first contact with matches by asking male users questionsthat narrow down the field of potential dates,has added a new update to allow users to get to know each other's political views before going out. The app utilizes new questions such as "Who are you voting for in the midterm elections?" to help women determine which men they find most compatible.

Of the female users provided with this sample question, 60% usedit to make first contact with their male matches. Of the male users that received this question from their female match, the response rate was 23% higher than other questions.

One of the most important reasons to have a political discussion early on in dating is political persuasion is often linked to one's core values and beliefs. It helps women answer important questions about their potential dates: Can they have an open-minded dialogue? Is it difficult for them to tolerate disagreement? Do they belittle or criticize others? Do they listen or preach, or are they genuinely interested in what others have to say? At the same time, these conversations are a great opportunity for people to demonstrate their emotional muscle. They want to be the person with whom their date feels safe discussing anything.

The second reason political questions have been included in the app is that talking about political views is a popular icebreaker between matches.People can continue the conversation they started on the app when they go on their first date.

"We knew that politics was everywhere, and rather than shying away from the topic, we decided to lean into it, knowing that especially among our younger users, it was important to their potential dating profile," said Jasmine Young, Crush co-founder. "What better season to qualify personality and potential dating compatibility than election season? The data collected proved to us that our hunch was right, that people care about politics when dating."

"Better questions lead to better conversations and more solid connections from question one. We believe that by creating space for users to engage directly with what's actually most important to them, politics especially, is the best, most authentic way to begin a relationship. Truthful answers are encouraged, and many Crush users have shared that this is their favorite part of the app, that the whole experience is geared for actual connection instead of a volume game where endless swipes yields meaningless relations," Young added.

About Crush

With Crush, guys make the first move, and ladies have the final choice. Once a match has been established, female users may create a question, or select from a list of tried-and-true icebreakers, and their male match must answer the question before the female user makes the ultimate decision of whether or not to unlock the chat. The tables of online dating have been turned for the better with Crush: ladies first.

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