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Chef Thomas Keller Returns to MasterClass to Teach Cooking Meats, Stocks, and Sauces

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November 13, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ MasterClass, the online education company that enables anyone to learn from the best in the world, announced today that ChefThomas Kellerwill offer his second online cooking class exclusively through its platform. In his newest class, Chef Keller builds on the foundations of his first class, teaching students techniques for cooking meats, stocks, and sauces such as pork shoulder a la Matignon, red wine braised short ribs, and his signature oven-roasted whole chicken. Chef Keller's class is now available at Enrollment for the class is$90for lifetime access, or$180per year for the All-Access Pass, which grants unlimited access to all new and existing classes.

"My hope for my second class is that students gain the skills, knowledge, and most importantly, the confidence to become the cook that they want to be," said Chef Keller. "In this class, I share a wide range of techniques to cook meat dishes and detail how to make stocks and sauces to round out each dish."

In his second MasterClass, Chef Keller will introduce new techniques to cook with chicken, duck, pork, and beef to build complete meals for the holidays, a dinner party, or any occasion. Students will learn the fundamentals of cooking proteins including how to select the best grades and cuts for different dishes to help them to cook with confidence and precision, without relying on a recipe. Chef Keller will teach students the techniques to cook some of his most beloved dishes, such as his signature fried chicken and pan roasted Cte de Boeuf. Students will also learn to make stocks and sauces from scratch, including the French mother sauce chicken velout, as well as sauces suprme, allemande, and albufera. Chef Keller's MasterClass series continues to embody his finesse, refinement, and perfected techniques while using quality ingredients.

"Chef Keller's approach to cooking has set a new standard for chefs around the world," said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass. "He is a natural at what he does, and we're thrilled to offer his second class to students looking to learn techniques for preparing the perfect meat dish for family or friends at home."

MasterClass continues to expand classes across existing and new categories, bringing leading instructors to its engaged base of subscribers. MasterClass provides educational, inspiring, and engaging classes taught by the world's greatest minds. With 40 classes that dive into processes, techniques and philosophies, MasterClass helps students progress more rapidly towards their own mastery, explore a new passion, or learn a new skill. It offers a unique learning experience, including video lessons, interactive exercises, course materials, peer interaction, and more. All classes are available as part of an annual subscription for $180, or for individual purchase at $90 for lifetime access to the class, and can be accessed online at or on the MasterClass mobile app foriOS and Android.

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Thomas Keller is a world renowned chef known for his exceptional culinary skills and dedication to quality of the highest standards. He is the first and only American chef to hold multiple Michelin stars at his critically acclaimed restaurants: The French Laundry, Per Se and Bouchon. He is the author of five cookbooks, with more than one million copies in circulation. In 2017,chef Keller led a team from the United States to its first-ever gold medal in the Bocuse d'Or, a prestigious biannual competition that is regarded as the Olympics of the culinary world.


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