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Blockchain Gaming Platform Ares Tech Announces Wallet and Platform...

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January 13, 2019

Ares Tech, a blockchain-based social gaming network, is inviting participants to a special event on December 14. The online event will launch new products (including the Ares Wallet, the ares arena social gaming platform and the ares suite, a game development SDK / platform), introduce an updated white paper, and airdrop more thann 2,000,000 tokens.

The event begins at 2pm CET / 8am EST, December 14, 2018. The event will be held over the official Ares Tech Telegram channel -

Those interested in participating can go to the Telegram channel or the event page on Facebook - - for more information.

Blockchain-based Social Gaming Platform

“Ares Tech is built on the core foundations of blockchain, decentralization and transparency,” said Jack Li, CEO of Ares Tech. “We are committed to creating a better experience for gamers and a platform on which developers can build their own properties while being paid for their work.”

According to Li, the advantages of building a gaming platform on blockchain are numerous. Players are already used to the digital economies within games. Putting the game on a blockchain will ensure their virtual possessions are protected and can be ported from game to game on the same platform - and off platform into the real world, through currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

For game developers, blockchain ensures their intellectual property can be monetized and protected. “To show our commitment to the developer community and to encourage then to build on our platform, the code behind all of our games will be available on GitHub,” added Li.

The Ares platform is comprised of three elements: ares suite, ares arena and ares connect. ares suite is an all-in-one solution for game developers to build blockchain games and allow cross-chain collaborations; ares arena is the first free social gaming platform Dapp, easily engaging gamers in blockchain social game competition with encrypted assets that are transferable between games; ares connect provides business partners with global monetization opportunities and helps game developers to upgrade indie games to profitable IP.

The current Ares Tech white paper is available on the Ares Tech website -

Airdrop More Than Two Million ARES Tokens and Game Artifacts

Over the course of the event, more than two million ARES tokens - the utility token that will power the Ares Tech ecosystem, will be airdropped to participants. In addition, special, limited edition, holiday-related game artifacts will be airdropped as well.

Six Products To Be Launched

Six new products within the Ares Tech ecosystem will launch during the event, including the ares arena, a social gaming platform and the ares suite, a collection of tools to provide game creators with an all-in-one development solution. Ares Tech will release a new white paper and relaunch its web site. Finally, the Ares Wallet, designed for gamers, will be available for beta testers.

Wallet Designed with Gamers in Mind

Designed for gamers, the Ares Wallet will integrate with the ares arena. It’s a fun and safe place for players to store not only their fighters, artifacts, pets and other game assets but to manage their cryptocurrencies. It is the first blockchain games asset management tool that supports BTC, ETH, all ERC20 tokens and major NFT assets.

Creating and using a new wallet brings in-game benefits to the user.

Support for other tokens will be introduced in the coming months. The Ares Wallet will be available for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as a web-based version.

About Ares Tech

Based in one of the blockchain centers of Europe, Berlin, Ares Tech GmbH is a new generation of scalable blockchain social gaming platform with zero commission or fee for game developers and gamers.
Ares tech boasts of a professional and international team with, on average, more than 10 years’ experience in internet, including growth hacking, social games, big data and mobile internet products.

Ares has also built an exceptionally strong team of advisors, ranging from computer science and new media professors from German universities, Berlin’s blockchain star projects, social media experts, to high level management from European large and medium sized companies. Their working experience has covered Fraunhofer, Zynga, Playfish, Bigpoint, Tencent, Shanda Games, Onefootball, Zalando, N26, Deutsche Bahn, Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Siemens, Daimler and KPMG.

Visit Ares Tech at

Ares Tech’s White Paper can be accessed through the main Ares Tech page.

For more information, or to arrange an interview with Jack Li, contact David Parmet at 1 (914) 400-4120, david(at) or on Telegram at


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