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Behavox Announces Google Cloud Partnership

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March 15, 2019

a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwbehavoxcom2Fampesheet51955578ampnewsitemid20190315005415amplanenUSampanchorBehavoxampindex1ampmd5cc1afd3b6bb7d8f380a6900e441b2e34 relnofollowBehavoxa a pioneering artificial intelligence data analytics firm announced today that it has officially been named as a a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fcloudgooglecom2Fpartners2Fbecomeapartner2Ftechnologytrackampesheet51955578ampnewsitemid20190315005415amplanenUSampanchorGoogleCloudPartnerampindex2ampmd5127bf2d208748e78c74ffc6b9ec8ff75 relnofollowGoogle Cloud Partnera GCP With this new partnership Behavox will be able to combine its strength as a leading AI provider in financial services along with the abundance of benefits that a partnership with Google Cloud has to offer Google Cloud is one of the largest fastest and most secure private networks in the world pblockquotep idpullquotepblockquote p It is undeniable that this partnership will further reinforce Behavoxs credibility and accelerate development said Erkin Adylov Behavoxs Founder and Chief Executive Officer Our technical team now has access to a preferred network of experts from Google to support all Behavox systems as we continue to transform behavior on Wall Street and beyond p p Google Cloud works with some of the most trusted inventive partners to help enterprises innovate faster scale smarter and stay secure Googles platform allows its partners to build on products to develop innovative solutions creating new opportunities for our clients and expanding whats possible in the cloud p p Behavox recently a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwbusinesswirecom2Fnews2Fhome2F201902150050822Fen2FBehavoxAnnouncesFullSaaSOfferingAWSGCPampesheet51955578ampnewsitemid20190315005415amplanenUSampanchorannouncedampindex3ampmd54b50372ac45eb6c10a3af8189bb9eae4 relnofollowannounceda the launch of iBehavox SaaSi its newest deployment a fullymanaged service which provides customers with rapid deployment lower costs and advanced functionality on the impressive GCP infrastructure p p Earlier this Fall Behavox also received the a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwbusinesswirecom2Fnews2Fhome2F201811200054442Fen2FBehavoxReceivesFinancialServicesCompetencyDesignationAmazonampesheet51955578ampnewsitemid20190315005415amplanenUSampanchorprestigiousdesignationampindex4ampmd5e7221107e7733c45206f501a926797e2 relnofollowprestigious designationa of Financial Services Competency for Risk Management from Amazon Web Services AWS The AWS Financial Services Partner Competency Program identifies technology partners with deep industry experience and expertise who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with readily implemented solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices and have staff with AWScertifications p p Behavox is building the first behavioral operating system with an eventual focus extending well past compliance into areas like productivity culture and revenue generation p p bAbout Behavox Ltdb p p Behavox is the people analytics company that gathers and interprets employee data in a corporate environment to understand the behavior of an organization By aggregating and analyzing internal and external interactions and using cuttingedge software and machine learning Behavox can generate previously unidentifiable insights on compliance and risk culture and conduct people performance and sales and profits Behavox works with forward thinking multinational businesses financial institutions and investment firms Behavox is headquartered in New York City with offices in London Singapore Montreal and San Francisco For more information visita referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwbehavoxcom2Fampesheet51955578ampnewsitemid20190315005415amplanenUSampanchorhereampindex5ampmd579de6b0b960c360c14f6e852ec33b058 relnofollowherea p p p pimg referrerpolicyunsafeurl alt srchttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidbwnewsampsty20190315005415r1ampsidweb02ampdistronxamplangen stylewidth0height0span classbwct31415p

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