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Ambarella andMomentaUnveil HD Mapping Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

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April 15, 2019

Ambarella Inc NASDAQ AMBAa Santa Clara Californiabased developer of highresolution video processing and computer vision semiconductors and Momenta an autonomous driving technology company based in Suzhou China today announced a collaborative HD mapping platform for autonomous vehicles The combined solution leverages Ambarellas CV22AQ CVflow computer vision systemonchip SoC andMomentas deep learning algorithms to provide HD map solutions including mapping localization for autonomous vehicles and map updates through crowdsourcing pblockquotep idpullquotepblockquote p HD map is essential to autonomous driving systems Ambarellas CV22AQ CVflow computing platform has made it easier for Momenta to deploy and upgrade our HD map software and algorithm on embedded systems Our HD map can automatically build maps perform localization and update through crowdsourcing said Xudong Cao CEO of Momenta We look forward to continuing our work with Ambarella to deliver a wide range of autonomous driving software p p We are pleased to partner with Momenta to provide a powerful and open HD map platform said Fermi Wang CEO of Ambarella The CV22AQs performance and advanced image processing help enable the full potential of Momentas advanced AI algorithms p p Momentas visionbased HD semantic mapping solution is highly scalable and productionready Through crowdsourcing the solution can create a closed feedback loop of big data AI and HD map updates Based on localization Momenta discovers changes in the map elements and provides frequent updates to the cloud p p The CV22AQ is manufactured in an advanced 10nanometer process providing the ultralow power consumption required for the design of compact automotive systems Its CVflow architecture delivers realtime processing of up to 8 megapixel resolution video at 30 frames per second fps for highprecision deep learning based object recognition p p The CV22AQs highperformance image signal processor ISP delivers superior image quality in lowlight environments while high dynamic range HDR processing extracts more image detail in highcontrast scenes further enhancing the systems computer vision capabilities p p Using CV22AQ Momenta is able to use a single monocular camera input to generate two separate video outputs one for vision sensing perception of lanes traffic signs and other objects and another for feature point extraction for selflocalization and mapping SLAM and optical flow algorithms p p Ambarella provides a complete set of tools to help customers easily port their neural networks to the CV22AQ SoC Based on the tool chain Momenta is able to quickly migrate deep learning perception models to embedded platforms and achieve an accurate output p p The URL for this news release is a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwambarellacom2Fabout2Fnewsevents2Fampesheet51969118ampnewsitemid20190415005797amplanenUSampanchorhttps3A2F2Fwwwambarellacom2Fabout2Fnewsevents2Fampindex1ampmd57c12df8d9463a6fb2e7f1f8ab1a59281 relnofollowhttpswwwambarellacomaboutnewseventsa p p The URL for the related image is a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttps3A2F2Fwwwambarellacom2Fabout2Fnewsevents2Fpressimages2Fmomentapressimageampesheet51969118ampnewsitemid20190415005797amplanenUSampanchorhttps3A2F2Fwwwambarellacom2Fabout2Fnewsevents2Fpressimages2Fmomentapressimageampindex2ampmd595c306b990ff8ecb51135f0700366120 relnofollowhttpswwwambarellacomaboutnewseventspressimagesmomentapressimagea p p bAboutMomentab p p Momenta established in 2016 is one of the leading autonomous driving companies in the world Momenta is building the brains for autonomous vehicles Its deeplearning based software in perception HD semantic mapping and datadriven path planning enables the realization of full autonomy Momenta offers multilevel autonomous driving solutions as well as big data services p p For more information please visit a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Fwwwmomentaaiampesheet51969118ampnewsitemid20190415005797amplanenUSampanchorwwwmomentaaiampindex3ampmd5aa793fabc6a3494ee241ae1ae1185f2c relnofollowwwwmomentaaia p p bAbout Ambarellab p p Ambarellas products are used in a wide variety of human and computer vision applications includingvideo security advanced driver assistance systems ADAS electronic mirror drive recorder drivercabin monitoring autonomous driving and robotic applicationsAmbarellas lowpower SoCsoffer highresolution video compression advanced image processing and powerful deep neural network processing to enableintelligent cameras to extract valuable data from highresolution video streamsFor more information please visita referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidsmartlinkampurlhttp3A2F2Fwwwambarellacomampesheet51969118ampnewsitemid20190415005797amplanenUSampanchorwwwambarellacomampindex4ampmd54f324cf3ce891903425864013d4b2053 relnofollowwwwambarellacoma p p classbwalignc iAll brand names product names or trademarks belong to their respective holders Ambarella reserves the right to alter product and service offerings specifications and pricing at any time without notice 2019 Ambarella All rights reservedi p p classbwalignc p pimg referrerpolicyunsafeurl alt srchttpsctsbusinesswirecomctCTidbwnewsampsty20190415005797r1ampsidweb02ampdistronxamplangen stylewidth0height0span classbwct31415p

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