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2018 Study: Technology Convergence Transforming E-textiles - ResearchAndMarkets.com

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January 11, 2019

The a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpswwwresearchandmarketscomresearchrpwsbl2018studyw4 relnofollowTechnology Convergence Transforming Etextilesa report has been added to strongResearchAndMarketscomsstrong offering p p With advancement in Internet of Things IoT applications there is an increased demand for technologies for remote monitoring of vital body parameters and surrounding environment p p Etextiles are emerging as a major IoT application trend providing increased safety communication and location tracking capability for users p p Etextiles involve integrating electronics with fabrics to provide safety and physiological awareness to users through active mechanism and communication capabilities p p In the short term Etextiles are poised to impact transportation military and defense and healthcare industries The demand for Etextile solutions is poised to increase in manufacturing and entertainment industries in the medium term p p The study assesses key innovation areas applications and market segmentation and growth strategies for Etextiles p p strongSome of the key questions addressed in the research service are highlighted belowstrong p ul li What are the key drivers and challenges in the Etextiles industry li li What are the key applications of Etextiles li li What are the key functionalities of Etextiles li li What are key growth strategies for Etextile stakeholders li ul p strongTopics Coveredstrong p p 1 Executive Summary p p 11 Research Scope p p 12 Research Methodology p p 13 Research Methodology Explained p p 14 Summary of Key Findings p p 2 Technology Overview p p 21 Etextiles An Overview of Nextgen Wearable Technology p p 22 Growing Market Demand A Key Driver for Advancements in Etextiles p p 23 MassProduction Glitches Hindering WideScale Adoption of Etextiles p p 3 Innovations in Etextiles p p 31 Basic Functionalities of Intelligent Textiles p p 32 Sensor Innovations in Etextiles p p 33 Actuator Innovations in Etextiles p p 34 Innovations for Energy Management of Etextiles p p 35 Innovations Enabling Efficient Communication Systems for Etextiles p p 4 Application Diversity and Growth Opportunities for Etextiles p p 41 Application Diversity of Smart Textiles p p 42 Market Segmentation of Etextiles p p 43 Breakthrough Etextile Innovations Witnessing Funding Opportunities to Develop Products p p 44 Forming Partnerships a Key Strategy to Develop Products p p 45 What is the Road Ahead for Etextile Industry p p 5 Etextile Key Patents p p 6 Industry Contacts p p 61 Key Industry Contacts p p For more information about this report visit a referrerpolicyunsafeurl targetblank hrefhttpswwwresearchandmarketscomresearchrpwsbl2018studyw4 relnofollowhttpswwwresearchandmarketscomresearchrpwsbl2018studyw4a p

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