What to Expect from Amazon for Smart Homes in 2022

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When Amazon releases new items in the autumn or late September, it typically does so in mass, which is fine for a store but makes it more difficult to figure out what’s up and which new things are worth your time. We’ll do our best to assist you.

In 2021, Amazon held their autumn product event, revealing a slew of new goods, including a house robot called Astro, just in time for the hectic Christmas shopping season. At the same time, they revealed several Matter platform networking features at the CES mega event.

Here’s what Amazon has announced for the year 2022:

Alexa as an admin during CES 2022 

The Matter protocol offers a multiple administrator capability that enables several smart home systems to govern Matter devices. That is the essence of the Matter notion. A consumer will theoretically be able to operate one item via a multitude of channels, including smart home systems and voice assistants.

Amazon has introduced the capabilities of “Commissionable Endpoint Alexa.” Trying to set up Alexa to operate other gadgets between platforms and operating systems requires this. In essence, it lets Alexa to be deployed as a Matter Administrator to an existing configured device. It also configures the device to utilize Alexa either via the cloud skill or through Matter on a local network. This allows devices to work even if there is a connection problem. Consumers with Matter-enabled products will be able to get this support from manufacturers like Philips Hue and Resideo, according to Amazon’s blog post.

The Matter method is still a little hazy, shrouded in mystique and developer-speak. It’s still unclear how it will function and what benefits it would provide to daily smart home users. We’ll keep a watch on Matter features and functions as they’re revealed and introduced, since it’s certainly a huge step forward for large businesses to work on interoperability.

Amazon’s Astro is a smart home robot.

Astro comes has a revolving screen that is set on a wheeled platform. Amazon created an animated and friendly robot with expressive eyes and body motions that react to human contact.

The robot can navigate around things on the floor and brake to avoid hitting with obstructions such as a pet that wanders into its path. To observe things that are high above, a periscope camera connected to the device’s foundation may be lifted or lowered.

Alexa, Amazon’s speech assistant, is included into Astro. It can, among other things, create and send reminders, provide entertainment like as TV programs or podcasts, and operate smart home gadgets. The robot can also react to orders, such as “Astro, beatbox,” which causes the robot to generate musical sounds.

Those concerned about privacy may turn off Astro’s camera, microphone, and motion sensors by clicking a button, according to Amazon. Users may also set “out of bounds zones,” or areas that the robot is not allowed to enter.

Its first smart thermostat.

On Tuesday, Amazon introduced a rival to Google’s Nest. According to the business, its latest Smart Thermostat will cost $59.99, that is half the cost of the typical smart thermostat offered on Amazon. According to Amazon SVP David Limp, it’s part of a collaboration with Resideo, the producers of Honeywell Home thermostats, and some consumers might be able to earn energy rebates, lowering the price even lower.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 is a large Amazon Echo Display that can be mounted on the walls.

Amazon has introduced a new Echo gadget that can be wall-mounted or put anywhere in the house. The Echo Show 15 is the name of the show.

Amazon’s Echo Show series has already produced several voice-activated smart screens, but this one features the biggest screen to date at 15.6 inches. It may be hung vertically or horizontally on a wall, similar to a picture frame.

Smart-home devices like as Ring security cameras, lighting, and appliances may be controlled by the Echo Show 15. It may also be used in the kitchen to display recipes or how-to tutorials.

Disney has partnered with Amazon Echo to create a ‘Hey Disney’ feature.

“Hey Disney,” a voice assistant that “works together” with Alexa, was revealed by Amazon.

According to Amazon SVP David Limp, Disney creatures would be incorporated with Alexa.

According to Amazon, the voice assistant will reply to Disney characters such as Mickey, Dory, and Olaf. There are jokes and tidbits in the material. As said by the corporations, Disney was able to tweak Alexa capabilities to meet its own programming and identity.

Amazon Echos with Disney programming will be installed in Disney vacation hotel rooms as well.

Amazon Glow is a video conferencing gadget that displays games for kids to play with others.

Amazon has unveiled a new gizmo geared at children that mixes video calling with projector-based activities. Touch activates the projected visuals.

According to Amazon, the goal is to make video chats more entertaining for kids. Kids may play games like “Tangram Bits” on the projection surface as their parents videoconference from a normal iPad.

Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition programs, as well as a new Halo View activity tracker.

Amazon unveiled a new fitness monitor at the start of 2022, pitting it against Google’s FitBit and Apple Watch. Halo View is the name of the game, and it will cost $79.99.

Previous Amazon health monitors lacked a screen, but this one has a color display. The bands may be replaced and personalized.

Customers may now simply register for the Ring home safety drone on Amazon.

Amazon’s Ring surveillance drone is now ready for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers who are interested in purchasing it may sign up to be asked to do so. Amazon often utilizes this format for items that aren’t ready to be released to the general public.

The “Always Home Cam,” which costs $249.99, is an independent interior camera that hovers around the property, providing owners with a sight of their home while they are away. It was initially introduced by Amazon’s Ring during their autumn 2020 presentation.

Aside from the drone, Amazon also launched the Ring Alarm Pro, a “base system” for Ring security systems that includes an Eero router. It costs $249.99 and can be preordered beginning today.

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