What to Expect from Google in 2022 for Smart Homes

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At CES 2022, Google will unveil a total of 13 new technology improvements, spanning from AirPods-like rapid shifting to technology that will mimic your Android text applications on a Chromebook. It’s a component of Google’s “Better Together” project, which the rest of the market more often refers to as “playing catch up to Apple’s environment.”

Google’s exhibition at CES 2022

Fast Pair, a Google function that allows Bluetooth gadgets to immediately pair with an Android mobile device, is looking to expand to wearable technology, sound systems, Television sets, and smart home appliances, which means earbuds will be able to quickly connect with Android TVs and Chromebooks, comparable to how Apple’s AirPods perform with the Apple TV and Mac.

The most updates have been made to Google’s “Fast Pair” architecture; an Android Interface aimed to make coupling Bluetooth headphones simpler. This year, Google plans to add capabilities like auto-switching among devices, quicker connection with Android TV and Google TV, and more. It will also employ the Fast Pair framework to connect up new smart home gadgets that follow the upcoming Matter protocol, allowing setting up a new smart bulb or door lock much simpler.

Fast-Pair’s usage

Over 100 million users have used Fast Pair to link their Android smartphone to Bluetooth gadgets. It allows for quick installation and gadget connection, as well as the activation of the phone application and the transfer of your Google information. They ‘re working with partners to expand Fast Pair’s capability beyond audio communication with smartwatches, headphones, sound systems, and automobiles, to include TVs and smart home appliances, so that you can begin utilizing all of your devices right away.

When you switch on your Fast Pair-enabled headphones, your Chromebook will instantly recognize them and pair with them with a single click starting in a few weeks, allowing you to remain focused while studying or working no matter where you are. If you receive a new Chromebook later in the year and, you can rapidly set it up and have instant access to all of the details you’ve previously stored, such as your Google login and Wi-Fi password, using your Android phone.

Google released their Android device plans for 2022 recently, and some of the planned features are eerily similar to present Apple capabilities. With the additional feature, Android devices and Google services will be able to rival the features of Apple products.


WearOS smart devices will be able to access Chromebooks in the near future, just as an Apple Watch can unlock a Mac. Google currently has a tool that allows Android smartphones to enter Chromebooks, but the new capability will be more similar to what the Apple Watch can do.

Auto-switching of devices

Automatic device switching, which Apple included in the AirPods, is heading to Google phones as well. Google claims to be working on technology that would enable Bluetooth headphones to automatically change music to the device you’re operating at the moment, as well as activity recognition for spatial audio, which will alter sound depending on head position.

Cloud-based messaging 

Google is also delivering iCloud-style messaging to more Google devices, in addition to providing AirPods-like functionality to more Google gadgets. Users of Chromebooks would be able to utilize chat applications from their smartphones without having to install them, and photographs and videos from Android devices will be instantly accessible on Chromebooks when they are connected.

Android-Windows device sync

Google is releasing a feature that will enable Android users to quickly set up Microsoft Windows Computers by placing an Android phone near to the Computer, that will synchronize SMS messages and files as well as enable for the speedy configuration of Bluetooth peripherals. This is comparable to Apple’s functionality, which enables new phones to over-the-air replicate preferences and material from an existing phone.

With Android and Windows PCs, you can now accomplish more.

Google is focusing on creating for other systems, such as Windows, for the first time alongside Android, whether it ‘s in video games, efficiency, or other areas. For instance, you may use Fast Pair to connect your Android phone to your Windows PC and use Nearby Share to swiftly configure Bluetooth devices, synchronize text messages, and share files. They ‘ll be bringing similar capabilities to certain Windows Computers later this year in collaboration with Acer, HP, and Intel.

Device locking and unlocking

We are already using our voice to shut the garage, switch off the kitchen lighting, lower the temperature, and check whether the front door is locked while driving. Whenever you exit the house, you’ll now be able to approach Google for assistance. On all Assistant-enabled devices, you would be able to use your voice to heat up as well as cool down your vehicle, lock and unlock it, and retrieve information (such how much battery life is left) via remote commands. These features will initially be available in Volvo Cars cars in the following months, with much more to come.

Ultra-Wideband Car Key

Google is also implementing a feature called Ultra Wideband Car Keys, which is comparable to Apple’s Car Keys. It will allow a Samsung or Pixel phone to unlock, lock, and start compatible BMW automobiles, similar to how the iPhone does.

You can now use your Android phone to unlock your Chromebook and go straight to work. We’ll introduce this capability to your linked Wear OS wristwatch in the coming months, allowing you to immediately unlock and use your Chromebook and Android tablet or smartphone when you’re nearby.

Using an electronic car key, you can now lock, open, and start your compatible BMW automobiles using your suitable Samsung or Pixel phone. You won’t even need to pull out your phone from the pocket to use it as a vehicle key starting later this year on phones having Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. If friends or relatives need to take your vehicle, you’ll be able to safely and conveniently share your car key with them. Later this year, we plan to introduce digital car keys to additional Android phones and automobiles.

Fast Pair and picture sharing will be available in the following weeks, with the rest of the capabilities arriving later in 2022.

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