Spring 2022 Guide to Smart Hot Tubs

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Smart Spas

Looking for the greatest hot tubs to turn your backyard into a relaxing haven? You’ve arrived at the best site.

Installing a resort-worthy hot tub to your balcony or decking, in addition to finding the finest patio furniture to make spaces for laid-back lounging, alfresco eating, and outdoor entertainment, is the perfect way to maximize garden pleasure – even throughout the colder months.

Sit back and relax in the relaxing hot jacuzzi bubbles while gazing at the glittering stars in the night sky, letting the tensions of the day go away. We’ve compiled the greatest shopping recommendations to assist you in making the best decision for your outdoor area.


Is interior and exterior illumination included with the model and brand you’re beginning to consider? Certain hot tub and smart spa designs, for instance, have full-color in-spa lighting, back-lit water elements, illuminated cup holders, a power indication light, and outdoor sconce lighting for safety. LED lighting is included in the acrylic chairs of most high-end hot tubs, adding atmosphere to a soak – particularly after the sun has set. Keep a close eye out now for units with outside lighting, which helps a lot while entering and exiting your spa in the dark.

Pads for control

What kind of control pad is available in your possible hot tub? Is it straightforward to understand and navigate? The control panel must make it simple to adjust the temperature of the water, the illumination, and the jets, among other things. Auxiliary controls are easily accessible on several Bullfrog Spas models, allowing you to manage your jetted treatments from anywhere in the spa.


Your spa cover does a lot more than just keep the leaves out of your tub. It should preferably be manufactured well enough to retain heat in, reducing the amount of power necessary to keep the heating going continuously. Your cover should be constructed to resist the weather and, ideally, look good doing it. Many manufactures utilize a special ultra-durable outdoor fabric that has been treated with a UV and water-resistant method similar to that used in high-end patio furniture. Furthermore, they are up to 25% lighter than regular vinyl coverings. Your cover is designed to resist the rigors of outdoor usage in severe areas while also increasing energy efficiency and keeping your spa safe and secure. For extra safety and peace of mind, some hot tubs include an alarm system that will send you a Bluetooth notification when the lid is unlocked.

App for Wi-Fi

We live in a technological world, and smart houses are becoming more widespread by the year. Check to see whether the spa you’re considering can be managed from your tablet or smartphone, making your new hot tub part of your smart-home system. Hot tubs available with smartphone apps that enable you to operate your smart tub from your smartphone. Our easy-to-use smartphone app connects you from anywhere and can be linked with Alexa and Google Home systems. Start your spa, switch on the lights, modify the temperature, and adjust the pump and filtration settings—all from the comfort of your own home.


Lesser hands-on you can be with regulating the water cleanliness of a hot tub, the more successful it is in filtering water on its own. To avoid having to spend time using hot tub additives to keep it clean, choose a design with a top-of-the-line filtration process. The larger and more water filters a smart tub has, the less you’ll need to do to maintain the water cleanliness up to par. As a rule of thumb, seek for hot tubs with at least 100 square feet of filter surface per unit.

Water protection

What are the requirements for maintaining and cleaning the water in your spa? Cleaning options are available from each hot tub manufacturer, so be sure the one you purchase has a system that needs minimal effort from you and is affordable to maintain. Some manufacturers’ packages combine the outstanding advantages of three clean water systems to deliver ideal outcomes. You may save time by using such systems since you can simply keep clean, clear, and healthful water. Your spa water will need less toxic ingredients and less maintenance than ever before.

Intex – Heat

The cost of running a hot tub is largely determined by its insulation. The most efficient home spas are “fully-foamed,” with high-quality foam put everywhere except around the control panel, that needs a few inches of servicing accessibility. Hot tubs that aren’t entirely foamed will be more expensive to operate and may struggle to maintain heat.

To rapidly determine the effectiveness of a hot tub’s cover, place your palm on it. If it’s at room temperature, it’s capturing heat as well as possible. We also highly advise you to choose a hot tub with such a lockable lid. These will provide an airtight seal, prevent the cover from blowing off in the wind, and keep unaccompanied children out of your home spa.

Stereo system

Add a soothing music to your relaxation treatment session to make it even better. Is there a choice for built-in audio features in your possible spa? While relaxing in your spa, soothing music can help you let go of tension, while upbeat, lively music will keep your guests entertained during your hot tub party. Some devices provide series-specific audio choices such as seat-surround speakers, a handy place to sit and recharge your electronic gadget of preference, an in-spa subwoofer, and simple Bluetooth connection for your phone or digital music player.

The control unit

Some control panels in home spas are simple and easy to use from any seat, while others are complex and difficult. The more choices a home spa’s control panel has, the more costly it is – which may be a good or negative thing, based on how well it’s built. So, play around with the control center of a device to be certain it won’t irritate you when you go for a bath.

Best Smart Hot Tubs for Spring 2022

Here are a few of the best smart hot tubs available in the market out there for 2022. 

Caldera Cantabria Spa

Modern spa enhancements go much beyond the surface, including changes to comfort and hydrotherapy. With the Caldera Cantabria hot tub, for instance, today’s technically savvy, intuitive seats and its hydrotherapy jets provide some of the best features that you can look for in a smart hot tub.

The medical advantages of hot water exposure are enhanced with Caldera’s Sole Soothers® and Foot Ridge® bath jetting innovation. These technologies provide massaging that span the entire body and focus on particular muscle regions with a calming impact.

Jacuzzi SmartTub System

Jacuzzi had a simple notion a few years ago to use IoT technology to revolutionize their hot tubs and improve the consumer experiences. They were able to create thousands of cellular-connected smart hot tubs which can be managed remotely through a mobile application thanks to Particle. Customers and suppliers may be notified about anticipated power outages or maintenance difficulties through the hot tubs. These features not only improve the client experience, but they also save the organization money by reducing the number of in-person checks. Their Jacuzzi SmartTub System is one of the world’s leading smart spas and features some of the best options that you can look for.

Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas, which was founded in 1980, has gone a long way since then. The company is recognized for producing stunning hot tubs that provide a pleasant experience, are focused on hydrotherapy, and offer a wide variety of customizing choices. No improvement is beyond of bounds with Marquis Spas, whether it’s an upgraded music system, LED lighting, or aromatherapy possibilities.

Whirlcare Smart Spa

The Smart Spa is among the world’s first smart, interactive spa. The embedded smart control provides you with the best possible wellness enjoyment! Discover the many attractions and wellness benefits of a new world of ‘whirling.’

The sleek design, clean lines, and intriguing elements of the Whirlcare Smart Spa captivate. You may pick from a broad range of different materials and designs, as well as more than 200 colors, to properly match your Smart Spa to your gardening or décor style. The trendy pillows, which are organically designed and come in a variety of colors, enhance your spa. You will have an amazing eye-catcher at your house with the Whirlcare Smart Spa.

You can effortlessly operate your Smart Spa with the inbuilt Alexa voice control. Lie back in the comforting water and use your voice to control the hydro-jets, the luminance, change color, play your favorite music, and do much more with many other features.

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