Guide: Smart Camping Devices for 2022

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Smart Generator

Our selection of the top camping devices will be here to start making your outdoor adventure as pleasant as possible. Waking up in the woods or being somewhere in the countryside is not everyone’s concept of a vacation, but fortunately, our selection of the finest camping devices will be here to start making your outdoor adventure feel like home.

What devices and categories are available?

Solar-powered generator

Jackery Explorer 1000

We were a bit apprehensive about being off the grid in Northern Europe, which is famed for its rain rather than its brilliant sunlight.

The Jackery Explorer 1000 and the twin 100W solar panels, on the other hand, have performed well. We’ve also enabled to recharge the Jackery with the panels, and the Jackery has indeed been capable of charging laptops, rechargeable battery packs, cellphone, and drones as well. Despite its high cost, this gear has functioned well in less-than-ideal weather situations.

Repellent for insects

Thermacell Backpacker

This is a fantastic technique to keep parasites at bay! It’s quiet, smells good, uses the very same gas canisters as your cooktop, and also most significantly, it works!

This is a necessary if there are stinging or bothersome insects since it is much more efficient and less effort than mosquito coils. While it hasn’t eliminated the necessity for skin-applied repellents, it does provide a technique to keep flying pests out of tents, cook areas, and chill spaces!

Rechargeable lantern

Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 

This chargeable lantern, which has an option of dim or powerful light (as well as a flashing red light on top), has worked well with the Jackery Solar Generator arrangement.

There’s a charging button on the top, but WE believe that’s something we’d save for an emergency or if we needed something to keep the kids entertaineIt’s a tough lantern that can withstand the trials of camp life, and it seems to last for days between recharging — even when you use it on the low setting.

Item locator


In the end, this is how we’ll prevent ourselves from misplacing items such as keys and wallets when outside. Yes, we use these often, and they are a vital element of my outdoor gear for us.

Rechargeable headlamp

Petzl Actik Core 

People thought this headlamp was a little frail at first, but after weeks of usage, it has shown to be durable enough to sustain lengthy durations of use. You will often forget that it’s on the head since it’s so lightweight.

The batteries are recharged using an USB connection, and the illumination settings (wide beams white, narrow beam white, and crimson) give you plenty of alternatives for strolling or completing camp chores.

Smartphone tripod

UlanzWe MT-11 

This little tripod has been useful for capturing iPhone shots and films on the vacation, while it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

It’s small yet sturdy, and it has an integrated smartphone support that fits an iPhone 11 Pro Max in horizontal orientation, even with a cover on.

Swiss army knife

The Fieldmaster 

There are many various Swiss Army Knives available, but we suggest the Fieldmaster if you’re searching for a beginner’s knife.

This model includes all the functions you’ll want and nothing you won’t, and it’s tiny enough just to fit in your pocket or purse — since it won’t help you if you forget it behind!

Light Tube Lantern

Lantern Klymit Everglow 

This expandable light is available in three sizes, with the smallest weighing 1.9 ounces and packing down to the space of a pear. White LEDs provide 160 lumens of gentle, diffuse light from within the expandable tube, adding utilitarian ambience to your campsite, camping kitchen, or automobile. Each of the three sizes has a tiny carabiner loop for hanging, and the two bigger ones also have integrated magnets for attaching to your tailgate. They need an external power supply (no batteries), but they can simply be charged with the same USB-compatible battery you use to charge your smartphone or GPS device.

String lights

Mpowerd Luci 

These have been fantastic for illuminating up the camp at night. They’re not necessary, but they’re excellent for customizing your camp area or providing some light so folks don’t stumble over guylines.

The battery would last 4 consecutive nights of light, and the solar cell gets them supplied again in the daytime.

These are completely weatherproof, and we’ve had them out in the rain, wind gusts, and scorching heat for weeks and they’re still looking and working like new.


Nocs Zoom Tube Monocular and Inspector Microscope

This 8x monocular weighs just 270 grams, making it a no-brainer to keep in your pocket for long-range viewing. Its ridged polymeric covering improves traction and absorbs shock from accidental drops. Connect the Inspector Microscope to your snow pit for 32x enlargement, that will enable you to view the basal facets. Nocs even sells an adapter that allow you to link the Zoom Tube and Microscope to your cellphone and use it as a magnifier lens.

Car charger

Majinno 108W USB-C charger 

This is a must-have if you have a USB-C laptop and want to keep it plugged in the vehicle. We were worried that it might grow hot while in use, but it’s proven out to be an excellent solution to keep a computer like the MacBook Pro powered while traveling.

It also contains a USB-A port for charging smaller devices and can charge both at the same time.

Dry Sack

Sea to Summit 

Dry bags are the ideal way to keep your valuable goods dry.

People like a waterproof bag with a side window so that they can observe what’s within without trying to unzip it, and we have many in various sizes to contain anything from little goods to computers. The Sea to Summit Dry Sack is one that we definitely would suggest.


Curl Leatherman Multitool 

Fans of Leatherman’s Wave series will detect the impact of that classic tool in the new Curl. The 7.5-ounce gadget conceals 15 tools, featuring pliers, scissor, a bit screwdriver, and a one-handed-opening blade. The Curl is about half the size of a regular wallet, making it both minimalistic for daily use (it has a built-in belt clip) and functional for any campsite job.


DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo & DJI Care Refresh 

Reviewers have had a lot of fun with the DJI Mavic Air 2. It’s not necessary, but it’s too entertaining. It’s really simple to fly, shoots excellent images and video, and is loaded with safety features to keep you from crashing it into a shrub or simply allowing the battery to die and causing it to fall into the water.

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