Top 10 Devices with Built-In Alexa

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Devices with Alexa

With the aid of Amazon’s voice assistant, the top Alexa connected products will improve the IQ of your house. If some kinds of lighting control, locks, amplifiers, TVs, and other gadgets are connected to Alexa, you can manage them all with your voice.

You may also control any of the greatest Alexa compatible gadgets without saying anything at all after you have them connected. You may establish ‘routines’ in the Alexa application that will automatically activate certain smart home devices depending on specific parameters. This will assist you in making your house more smart, secure, and productive.

What are the best Alexa compatible devices?

We’ve chosen some of the top Alexa enabled products across a variety of product kinds and purposes after evaluating hundreds of possibilities.

1.    Amazon Fire TV Cube 

The Amazon Fire TV Cube, very much like forerunner, the Fire TV, is among the greatest streaming systems and Alexa-compatible gadgets available. It allows you to operate your TV, cable box, as well as other streaming devices with Amazon’s assistant. It has an easy-to-use UI, outstanding 4K HDR image quality, and all of your favorite streaming apps, including Hulu, Sling, and DirecTV Now.

The Fire TV Cube also comes with a new and better Alexa control, allowing you to browse directly if Amazon’s speech engine can’t locate what you’re searching for (or if you don’t want to chat). The Fire TV Cube is among the more costly streaming gadgets, costing roughly $120, so budget buyers can check out our advice about how to operate the Fire TV Stick, which is a more economical Alexa-compatible Amazon streaming gadget.


Speedy results

The cable box controls provided by Alexa are fantastic.

The visual quality in 4K HDR is fantastic.


There is no way to change the home screen, and there are a lot of adverts.

Inconvenient Ethernet adaptor

2. Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit 

There are several smart lights that connect with Alexa, but we believe the Philips Hue smart lights are the finest Alexa compliant products in this group. That’s because Philips offers the most bulb kinds, and the Hue app allows you do a lot more with them than other brands’ lights.

Philips offers a variety of smart light kits, but the basic Hue White Starter kit comes with two bulbs and a tiny hub that connects the lights to your Wi-Fi. You may then tell Alexa to lower the lighting, and also the lights will comply. However, the bulbs in this package do not shift colors; you’ll need the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 bulb starting kit for all of that. In reality, Philips produces a broad selection of smart LEDs and light fixtures; for more information, visit our guide to Philips Hue lighting.


Comprehensive app

It’s compatible with a wide range of smart-home solutions.



Requires the use of a center

3. Lifx Mini 

Philips Hue lights are among the finest Alexa compatible gadgets, but they need the installation of a bridge in order to be controlled. The Lifx Mini smart bulb, on the other hand, can connect straight to your Wi-Fi network, making setup considerably quicker. The Lifx Mini bulbs are tiny enough to fit in a range of desk lamps and compact light fixtures, measuring only 2.2 inches long.

You can switch the Lifx lights on and off, as well as adjust their intensity, color, and scheduling, using Alexa. You can also use the bulbs to create a variety of unique lighting effects, such as flickering like a candle, flickering out for a creepy effect, strobing, and even changing color to the rhythm of your music. Lifx’s lights, in combination with Alexa, are among the greatest HomeKit products.


No need for a hub

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and other voice assistants are supported.

It has a lot of useful functions.

It will fit in tiny lights.



4. Wemo WiFi Smart Plug 

Our top pick among the finest smart plugs is the Wemo WiFi Smart Plug, which is among the best Alexa enabled products under $30. It’s smaller than rival choices, including its predecessor, the Wemo Mini. While the Wemo WiFi Smart Plug does not offer energy tracking like some other smart plugs, it does interact with all of the main smart assistants.


Smaller footprint


Hardware control switch

Not suitable with Wi-Fi 5GHz

5. August Smart Lock with WiFi

Have you ever stayed up late at night wondering whether you secured the front door? The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, as one of the top Alexa compatible devices, can help you relax. Simply ask Alexa whether your door is closed, and she’ll tell you. You can then lock or open it with your voice. Although our August Smart Lock Pro review didn’t find anything to improve upon, the firm went ahead and updated its original to get it compact and simpler to use.


Size reduction

Wi-Fi is built-in and simple to use.

Compatible with a wide range of smart home devices


Keypad is not included.

6. Ecobee 5th Generation Thermostat 

Since it has Alexa built in, Ecobee’s 5th-generation programmable thermostat joins our list of the top Alexa enabled gadgets. So, if you want to engage with Amazon’s helper but don’t wish to add a distinct smart speaker, this thermostat will suffice.

You receive all of Alexa’s functions with the Ecobee fifth generation digital thermostat, featuring calling, texting, and Drop-In. If you’re searching for a gadget to give some background music, the updated Ecobee also has a lot better speaker and Spotify compatibility, so it’s now ok—but not great—for playing songs. The new Ecobee, most critically, includes updated remote sensors with much improved reach and battery capacity.


Alexa is fully functional.

Remote sensors have been improved.


Doesn’t work with Spotify.


Big bezel

7. Arlo Q 

The Arlo Q is the greatest home security camera because of its simplicity of use and excellent 1080p footage, which can be seen at any time of day or night. Even if you do not really register for one of Arlo’s surveillance camera online backup packages, it comes with a large 7-day store option.


Sharp 1080p camera 

130-degree viewing angle stereo


Only for indoor usage 

Needs to be connected in to function


LG’s CX OLED TV is among the best Television sets we’ve evaluated thanks to its truly awesome screen in a super-sleek layout, but what helps make it one of the finest Alexa enabled gadgets is that Amazon’s assistant is built in, allowing you to switch your Television on and off, modify the light intensity, toggle streams, adjust volume, and even start YouTube streaming just with your voice.


OLED display that is flawless

Sound quality is excellent, and the smart-TV functions are impressive.

Built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa 



9. Sonos Beam

The $399 Sonos Beam soundbar, like the Sonos One, is one of the finest Alexa compatible gadgets since Alexa is incorporated right in. This item is a high-quality Sonos smart speaker featuring four full-range woofers, as well as an HDMI ARC connector for syncing the speaker’s music to your TV.


Alexa is simple to set up on the inside.

A large soundstage


Lacks detail in the bass

No Bluetooth audio

10. Simplisafe Essentials

SimpliSafe is among the finest DIY home protection systems since it’s simple to set up, has a lot of sensors and accessory choices (including its own smart lock), and delivers expert tracking for a fair price. It’s also one of the greatest Alexa compatible gadgets since you can equip your Simplisafe system with Amazon’s assistant as you step out of the house.


Installation is simple.

The remote control with the keypad is well-known.

The alarm is really loud.


Limited functionality for third-party gadgets 

Remote access is only possible with professional supervision

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