CES Roundup – What was announced for new smart home tech?

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Last week at CES 2022, the smart home took center stage, with new devices for every room of the house finding their ways onto the virtual exhibition floor. Compatibility was the overarching concept. Yes, 2022 might be the year the smart home matures, shifting from a collection of glitzy devices that largely give single-point answers to the whole-house interoperability which it has long promised.

Samsung at CES 2022

Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE at CES 2022, a new, cheaper handset that comes in a variety of colors and gives fans whatever they want: speed, a fantastic display, and a low price.

Samsung also unveiled its bezel-free 110-inch Micro LED TV, as well as upgrades both for Neo QLED and Lifestyle Televisions, which include improved contrast patterning and glare mitigation on the lifestyle Tv sets.

The business also unveiled the Freeestyle, a mobile projector that can turn any surface into a screen.

Google at CES 2022

Android was created by Google for everybody, everywhere, and to provide users more options in terms of product design, functionality, and overall value. Google has expanded Android over time to accommodate more gadgets in everyday life, including watches, tablets, TVs, and even vehicles. Apart from Android, they also work on computers, earphones and speakers, smart home products, and much more at Google.

Over 100 million users have used Fast Pair to link their Android phones to Bluetooth gadgets. It allows for quick activation and device pairing, as well as the downloading of the smartphone applications and the transfer of your Google credentials. They are working with allies to expand Fast Pair’s capability beyond audio communication with wearables, headphones, speakers, and automobiles, to include Televisions and smart home appliances, so you can begin utilizing all of your gadgets right away.

Throughout the months ahead, you’ll be able to use your earphones with your Google TV or Android TV OS equipment at home to stream peacefully. With built-in Matter compatibility on Android, you’ll be free for using Fast Pair to swiftly link different Matter-enabled connected smart home products to your internet, Google Home, and other companion applications.

Arlo at CES 2022

The Arlo Security System, which ties everything Arlo collectively, was introduced by Arlo. A multi-function detector is at the heart of the new technology, and it can sense movement, variations in light or temperature, leaking pipes, smoke, or CO2 – allowing you to employ a variety of sensors throughout your home to supplement the Arlo cameras you currently have. Then there’s a keypad to activate the system, which includes an alarm and supports NFC, allowing you to arm and disarm the system simply by touching your phone on it.

Amazon at CES 2022

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) serves as a showcase for how Amazon’s teams—which include Alexa, Fire TV, Ring, and Amazon Web Services (AWS)—collaborate with other device manufacturers, programmers, and industry professionals to explore innovative methods like cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and how they can enhance people’s lives.

Ring Alarm and Alarm Pro now have even more features.

Ring Alarm has almost always pushed above and beyond to ensure that your house is safe and secure. Every Ring Alarm and its suitable sensors, when combined with a wide group of sensors such as Flood and Freeze, Smoke and CO (available separately), offer you with an extra layer of security.

Amazon revealed a new Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor at CES, which allows you to personalize your surveillance system even further. From close to 25 feet away, this new device employs AI technology to precisely recognize actual glass break events, such as windows being damaged or fractured, while dismissing false alarms such as jingling keys or rattling plates. A notice will be sent to your mobile device whenever sound is identified. If you’re registered in Professional Monitoring with a Ring Protect Pro subscription, you may also adjust your options to immediately activate your Ring Alarm alert while in Home or Away settings, and get a contact from Amazon’s monitoring station.

Sony at CES 2022

Sony has unveiled its Bravia XR line of high-end televisions, which seems to be a natural upgrade to the versions available in 2021. The 8K Master Series flagship, the Z9K, is now available in 85 and 75in sizes, using Mini LED innovation. This will result in improved lighting and color management. That’s not Sony’s sole Mini LED Television set; the X95K (65, 75, and 85in) would also be Mini LED, but mostly in 4K resolution

Garmin at CES 2022

Garmin has released a variety of improvements, along with a redesigned Venu smartwatch model. The Garmin Venu 2 Plus has a speaker and mic, giving it a far smarter Garmin watch that supports calling and voice personal assistants from your smartphone.

The Vivomove, Garmin’s combination watch, has been updated as well, and is now known as the Vivomove Sport. It has traditional watch hands, but it also includes a number of smart capabilities, such as heart rate measurement and sleep tracking.

Lenovo at CES 2022

One item that grabbed our attention was the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, that now has an Alexa option, thereby making it an Alexa bedroom clock. That will undoubtedly be successful, but the focus will be on Lenovo’s computer improvements.

This features the Yoga 9i, that has a movable hinge, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 with an additional 8-inch screen, and the Legion video gaming laptop, that has an adjustable refresh rate.

Panasonic at CES 2022

Panasonic has unveiled the LZ2000, a new premium OLED model that will be offered in 55, 65, and 77-inch sizes. The big size is a brand-new feature. Panasonic, like with prior models, emphasizes the “Hollywood” side of things, with a pro setup that includes image optimizations and temperature changes for ambient light. There’s also a set of gaming capabilities with their own command menu, as well as an embedded soundbar with Dolby Atmos, since this is the premium product.

The MeganeX VR goggles, which are meant to be considerably more portable than many other choices, have also been shown off by the business.

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Erim was born in New York, and is currently living in London with his wife and two very energetic children setting up smart homes for high-end customers on both new and existing builds.

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