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When it comes to building out a smart house, the smart bathroom is sometimes overlooked, and we’re here to let you fix that now. Consider this: if you have a big family, especially one with multiple small children who are always demanding your focus, the toilet is frequently your only escape if you need a moment to yourself. Another thing to consider is that a smart bathroom might significantly increase the value of your property if you decide to sell and move on. Nearly three-quarters of young consumers fully anticipate potential residences to be fitted out with smart gadgets, so we’re here to tell you how you can liven up your toilet with that population in mind.

Lights that are intelligent

Color has a significant impact on how we think and feel. Each hue corresponds to a bodily need we have, so they may help you relax and enjoy your bath. Orange, for instance, might make you feel more vibrant and happier, whilst blue can help you feel quieter and more comfortable. The great news is that you can regulate this by using Chroma therapy in the bathroom, which involves using colored lights.

Chroma therapy lamps are high-intensity LED lights that you can alter the settings on digitally (typically with a basic remote control) (for example, romantic or relaxing). The majority of gadgets have a variety of color, strength, and brightness settings. Worked a long day? Or is it just a long day? You may create a pleasant resort atmosphere in your bathroom by combining Chroma therapy lighting with fragrance, sound treatment, thermotherapy, and hydrotherapy.

Shower speakers that are waterproof

While some manufacturers have invented water resistant shower speakers that attach to your wall with a suction cup, we presume there is a better choice – primarily because the battery packs have to be changed on a regular basis, the audio quality is restricted at higher volumes, and they have a chance to fall off if the surface gets too wet.

Because it’s difficult to locate a power outlet in a bathroom and there’s little capacity on cabinets, walls, and the floor, ceiling speakers have become a common bathroom speaker option.

Because most ceiling speakers only have one tweeter, they are mono speakers that must be mounted as a left and right pair. This implies you’ll need to make room for two ceiling speakers in your ceiling. Bathrooms, on the other hand, are often the smallest rooms in the house, so ceiling space is restricted, particularly with lighting and extractor fans. That’s why we usually prefer single stereo ceiling speakers for bathrooms, since they come with a separate tweeter for the left and right channels, allowing you to hear genuine stereo sound from only one speaker.

Our first recommendation is to seek for a speaker that can be connected to a speech assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s a whole different dimension of comfort in the restroom to be able to manage your songs hands-free using your speech.

Bidets / smart bidets?

For years, the Japanese have played an important role with smart toilets that are frequently so intricate that they need an owner’s manual for using. If you despise the concept of using tissue but find the notion of employing a cold bidet or spritzing spray equally repulsive, the Asian approach to toilets is gaining popularity in the United States. Temperature-controlled water simply prevents that quick gulp of air as you’re sprayed with an ice-cold jet, and automated dryers come in so you’re ready to spring up and return to your smart home invigorated after a hands-free session. Seat warmers eliminate the worry of slipping and falling into a ring of ice. Cushions with motion detectors are available, so you’ll never have to argue over whether the seat should remain up or down again. Self-cleaning toilets will also make you happy if you’re worried about germs and cleanliness.

Digital faucets 

They provide the dual benefit of making your toilet routine easier while also assisting you in conserving water, allowing you to save money while also benefiting the environment. You’ll use less water and electricity to heat it up thanks to the decreased flow and automated temperature control, and you’ll save time fussing about. Touchless technology, similar to that used in public toilets, is now widely accessible to plug into your smart home, allowing the water or hot air to turn on as soon as your hands come and turn off as soon as they are removed. Again, over the period of a year, this may result in huge savings. If you want to educate your children about water conservation while brushing their teeth, for example, programmable timers may assist them do so while also motivating them to wash their teeth thoroughly.

Smart Showers

You should really consider a digital shower if you’re weary of fooling about in the shower with the water being blazing hot one minute and completely frigid the next. Instead of being forced to depend on that crude dial to set the temperature exactly right, imagine LED lights blazing red to instruct you. If it seems like technology for the sake of technology, consider a more practical use… Poorly adjusted water temperature may be outright deadly rather than slightly annoying while bathing your children. The most successful smart showers contain digital valves and flashing LEDs that remain red while the water warms up, change white when it’s optimal, and then turn blue as it cools down. This is not only a delightful way to add some fun into showering session with your children, but it’s also a great safety element. If you’re weary of hearing your husband’s unmusical humming in the shower, look for luxury rain shower heads with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Instead of the muffled warbling you hear above the running water, reward him for Christmas and appreciate some decent music instead. The speaker links to a smartphone wirelessly, and you can even make a phone call, although we wouldn’t advocate doing so in your refuge!

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