2021 High Tech Holiday Guide

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Holiday Lights

It’s finally time to enjoy the holidays as we approach the conclusion of 2021. Automating your house while focused on visitors, meal preparations, and decorations is a wonderful way to celebrate. Allow us to automate your house and decrease your prep time in half.

What are the best ways to automate your holiday scenes?

With Custom Holiday Scenes, You Can Set the Mood

You can create holiday-themed scenarios with any smart home device. In essence, you may have a “Holiday” button on your keypad that can be accessed from any touch screen or phone. With a single push of this button, you may put on Christmas lights and décor around the house, play holiday music, raise the temperature, and switch on a holiday movie on the television. The possibilities for personalization are boundless. Allow us to set the tone for your holiday celebrations this year.

Make Your Holiday Lighting More Automated

If you have outside lights, why not invest in some weatherproofed on/off modules to eliminate the need for human control? You can use the same technique to automate your lights and decorations inside, so you’ll have all of your lighting covered and won’t require any human input other than to set it up in the first place.

Do you need the services of an elf? Incorporate a Smart Home AI Smart Speaker into your living space.

There’s a lot to do around the holidays. Sometimes you wish you could have some elves to assist you or just communicate with your house. You can, in fact, do so. You can literally simply talk your duties into a smart home AI voice assistant and have them completed. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Josh.ai, and Apple Homepod are just a few of the virtual assistants available. We can connect one of these assistants to your smart home system, allowing you to converse with your house. With Josh Nano or Micro, for example, you can just say, “Hey Josh, our visitors are here,” and Josh will switch on the lights, play music, adjust the temperature, and lift the blinds. You may even offer these helpers specific instructions, such as “Hey Steve, turn off the Christmas lights and set the heating up to 74 degrees.” All of this is also achievable with one-of-a-kind personalization. Allow us to provide you with the elf you need this Christmas season.

Make Your Holidays More Special With Lighting Control.

Music, hot chocolate, cookies, movies, and, most significantly, décor are all part of the holiday experience. You can lower lights using lighting controllers from Control4, Brilliant, or Crestron to completely create the right mood for your celebration. With a lighting keypad, you can lower the lights and truly establish the atmosphere for the Christmas tree lights, outside roof lights, the kitchen, the pantry, and the whole house. With outside lights that switch on automatically at 7 p.m., just in time for the carolers, your house will be the best of the year. Allow us to brighten your Christmas.

With a smart doorbell and security system, you can keep your gifts safe.

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s gift-giving time. Because of the epidemic and store closures, most giving is done online and delivered to people’s homes. As a result, it’s critical to secure your presents with a smart doorbell. Doorbird, Ring, and the new Control4 Chime are some of the brands we use. With a smart doorbell and security cameras for ultimate safety, you can identify Santa and your presents. You may use your smart home system or an app to control the smart doorbell and cameras. This Christmas season, make sure you have the best security and protection possible.

For your party, use smart lighting.

You may be a bit more creative with the lighting after the celebration has begun. You may use Philips Hue smart strips and feature framing, as well as traditional ambience lighting, to create the tone for your party without having to lift a finger. Use If This, Then That to construct lighting recipes that fit your needs, and then use colored bulbs to add some color to the mix. When it comes to controlling your lights for the holidays, your only restriction is your imagination, so what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming and see what you can come up with! As an aside, you may automate your smart lights so that your house seems lived-in when you’re on vacation in the Caribbean. Use your phone’s in-app remote control or set up programs so you can keep your phone in your hotel room and unplug for a bit. In any case, you may be certain that your home will not be pitch dark every night, providing an open offer to any opportunistic burglar.

In the kitchen, use automation to assist you.

The Christmas season is all about delicious cuisine and spending time with the people you care about. Smart screens, such as the Google Home Hub, are perfect for looking up recipes and following step-by-step directions to make cooking a breeze. If you’re stuck for ideas and the clock is ticking before your visitors arrive, you can even obtain suggestions on the home screen. These choices are seasonal thanks to clever technology, so you can add them to your own private recipe book via voice control.

Set the Scene for Dinner

Now that you have all of the ingredients, you can utilize automation to create the ideal dinner… If everyone is dispersed across the home, just quiet the TVs and classical music in the application to make yourself seen and signal that it’s time to eat. Design a dining room scenario with the lights set to the appropriate level and your holiday music playing. With a programmable thermostat installed, you can set the temperature without having to fumble with a manual option all of the time. All that’s left is to pop the cork on the good wine and savor all of that delectable food with your family and loved ones.

By Erim Naharasha

Erim was born in New York, and is currently living in London with his wife and two very energetic children setting up smart homes for high-end customers on both new and existing builds.

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