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Smart Scents

Getting a fresh fragrance in your home meant plugging in or spraying a cloying form or burning candles, that each had their own set of risks.

Smart Home scents, on the other hand, have come a very long way. Today’s scenting is automated and connected, due to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with smartphone control capabilities. Smart scenting is available with features like scheduled spritzes, adjustable intensities, and scents to inspire any mood. Here’s all you need to learn about them.

What is a smart scent?

To put it simply, a smart scent or oil diffuser is a gadget that divides fragrances or essential oils down into smaller portions, and spreads them into your home’s air for a relaxing or nice ambience and aroma — based on the fragrance, oil or any other liquid that’s been put into the smart device.[i]

Smart scents usually employ Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect with smartphone applications to learn when someone enters a space or leaves it. The connectivity allows them to be operated remotely.

What’s on the market?

Pura Smart Device

Pura Smart Device Premium fragrances in a little (and unobtrusive) packaging. Pura may seem to be a typical plug-in air freshener, but it is much more feature-rich.  The Wi-Fi-enabled wall plug-in, that can cover up to 1,000 square feet room and comes in scents like NEST, Apotheke, Capri BLUE, among others enables users to organize fragrances for their home — or bring them out on demand—from everywhere around the globe using the Pura application. Owners may also simply change fragrance intensity and purchase refills via the app. Furthermore, the product’s geo-fencing enables it to detect when you’ve left—or returned—and alter scenting appropriately to avoid wasting fragrances. For $44, you can get the Pura Smart Device easily from the market.

Sierra Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

The most favorite choice is the Sierra Modern Home portable aroma diffuser. It’s inexpensive, attractive, and has a big 400ml capacity. There is also Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration, as well as an accompanying application that allows you to customize settings like turning on and off the lighting ring and how much mist to disperse. You can utilize voice command and even create custom routines with alarms thanks to the Wi-Fi connection.

The Sierra Modern Home ultrasonic mixer is simple to set up. Simply connect it in, install the application, look for your fragrance oil diffuser, and enjoy the pleasant aromas. Sadly, only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is available on it, with no 5GHz channels. As a result, you may have to switch frequencies before connecting your sprayer to its phone application, based on your wireless connection. Furthermore, connection may be sporadic. The diffuser can sometimes get disconnected, but it generally fixes itself. Sierra Modern Home offers the finest smart mixer with Alexa and Google Home characteristics that money can buy, with plenty of advanced features and customizable controls, a large reservoir, reasonable price, and a user-friendly style.

Aera Diffuser

The Aera Diffuser combines intelligence and elegance. Owners have a lot of choices with this elegant desktop air diffuser, which offers 800 hours of scenting among refills. The Aera Diffuser provides customers with a range of control settings for their gadget, in addition to providing high-quality scent and essential-oil mixes that are individually customized for particular emotions or hours of day. Aera users may use the Aera application or voice control on Alexa-compatible items to arrange fragrances, check scent levels, and change scent intensity on their Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The Aera Diffuser will set you back around $200 along with all its exceptional features.

Smart Essential Oil Diffuser by ASAKUKI

The Asakuki Smart Diffuser will instantly charm anybody who like Japanese style. We realized this gem was a great product for our audience the minute we set eyes on its look and appearance.

It arrives with a big 700ml bottle that will allow you to diffuse for longer periods of time. 7 LED colored light configurations are included. The device itself generates the light, however if you do not want it, you may turn that off. The device is available in a variety of colors, however this is the WiFi Smart diffuser version.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home are both supported. You have the ability to switch the device on and off. On the diffuser, you may also change the color and brightness of the LED lights. For example, ‘Alexa, change the diffuser to green’ or ‘Alexa, reduce the diffusion intensity to 50%’. You can also create timetables for the mixer to operate on the TuyaSmart application.


Moodo is a good option for smart home scenting if you really want your diffuser to have a tech look as well as tech functionality. The Moodo, which resembles a compact smart speaker, is a four-capsule diffuser good for diffusing a 600 square feet of space, with every each cartridge providing 60 hours of fragrances. The multi-capsule approach enables customers to combine and blend scents as they like, and Moodo’s synchronized “Scent Families” ensure that you won’t end up with anything awful while experimenting with new fragrant mixtures. Moodo users can manage their gadget from all over the globe, purchase ambient scenting on order, and link it with other smart home automation systems like switching on the lights, thanks to Wi-Fi connection and a supporting application. Moodo also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, enabling you to manage your home with voice commands via your chosen digital environment. The Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser will cost you a modest $99.

BT Aromini

With the AroMini Bluetooth, freshen up your workspace by dispersing essential oils through the air. This isn’t your typical stick-in-the-oil kind. The high-tech gadget utilizes cold-air dispersal to disperse nanoparticles into the environment, that lets you (and your house) get the most out of the fragrances by keeping the smell (and its therapeutic effects) focused. By linking it to your cellphone, you can save fragrances and money by establishing precise run times, controlling the fragrance strength, and ensuring that it is spread evenly throughout your space. It also extends up to 1,000 sq ft of space, so you’ll get the entire impact even if you’re on the other corner of the wall.


The Aromini BT by AromaTech is a high-end device for bringing scents to your residence, built by a prominent brand in the personal and retail scenting market. The whisper-quiet Aromini, which resembles a miniature candle, has 24-hour coverage and can spread your favorite aromas anywhere between 100 to 1,000 square feet of space. The Aromini also works with AromaTech’s industry-leading and wide-ranging line of premium essential oils. The Aromini’s Bluetooth connectivity enables customers to simply adjust the strength of the scenting and pre-planned diffusing options from their cellphones.

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