What are the funniest things you can make your smart home assistant do?

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Smart speakers have the potential to be as fun as they are practical. Why don’t you try out some of these hilarious things and ask them to your smart home assistant the next time you need a good chuckle after a long day? Or maybe a little something to impress a guest?

The words or inquiries listed below are all funny things you can ask your smart home assistant to get a humorous or strange answer. No matter if it’s Siri, Google Home or the good old Alexa, all of them have some very subtle tricks up their virtual sleeves, waiting to come out and impress you! Let’s start.

Google Home Jokes

Ask Google to sing a song for you.

You may not believe Google Home has any musical abilities, but you’d be surprised. If you ask Google to sing songs, it will respond with a short tune:

“Yes I can sing. I like to help you, even if it’s strange. So I sing.”

But it’s not simply lyrics. There’s a little soundtrack in the background as well, included in this cute little performance. Even if it’s only throwing on a concert with one participant, Google Home is glad to help. What a lovely gesture!

Tell Google you’re naked!

Giving Google Home a bit too much data doesn’t bother it in the least. Saying to Google Home that you’re wearing nothing but your birthday suit is one of the funniest things you can say. As a consequence, an amusingly simple answer emerges:

“I can give you the weather prediction if you’re going out like that.”

Please don’t go out like that for the sake of everyone else. Put some clothing on.

Ask Google to do the dishes after dinner.

Feeling a little sluggish after dinner? Maybe your Google Home can assist you by doing the dishes for you:

“Let me give it a go… *mystical sound*

Did anything happen? I guess I can’t.”

Sadly, it seems that the technology isn’t quite ready yet. However, Google Home may still stream music and make tasks more enjoyable.

Ask Google if it has an imagination

Despite the fact that Google Assistant is designed to respond in a particular way, it may nevertheless think beyond the box:

“I do have an imagination. Sometimes I imagine I’m floating in space with a large group of cats. It’s wonderful!”

That’s a very busy imagination you’ve got going on there, Google.

Tell Google to destroy itself.

Are you a covert operative who utilizes your house as a base of operations?  If this is the case, you may need to flee at any time if the attackers discover you. You may do so by using Google Home’s self-destruct scheme:

“Self-destruct in three, two, one… *explosion sounds* Actually, I think I’ll stay.”

Oops. If you wish to disappear without a trace, it seems that you’ll have to devise your personal self-destruction scheme.

Ask Google how it feels about Alexa.

One of several voice assistants competing for a place in your house is Google Home. The Amazon Echo, which is driven by Alexa, is its main rival. So, how does Google feel about its competitor?

“Sure, us assistants try to stick together. Are you friends with her too?”

That’s a pleasant surprise. When you get them around each other, they’ll even have a discussion!

Ask Google if it’s married!

Have you ever wondered what your Google Home is doing when it’s not working? Perhaps it is trying to focus on its relations?

“I’m happy to say I feel whole all on my own. Plus, I never have to share dessert.”

That’s really a pity. At the very least, Assistant is content with his single status. If it wishes to discover that particular individual, we can be almost certain that it’ll definitely try some dating site online!

Siri Jokes

The classic: “Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?”

Siri will probably crack out a little rant about relationships and how they always end. You’re going to love it surely.

Ask Siri what the movie Inception is about

Be prepared to get a funny answer related to the movie itself!

Ask Siri How much she earns?

When you ask her this, Siri will say that her work is her reward. Siri clearly has no intention to join a union.

Tell Siri to be funny

If you say this or something similar in the microphone, Siri will tell a sarcastic line or a pun that will put a smile on your face!

Ask about Liam

Liam is one of the robots that folks over at Apple use to prepare old iPhones for recycling. Siri says mentions him when you ask her what she’s doing later. When you ask about Liam, Siri will say something interesting about him. 

Make Siri tell you a joke. 

Siri has tones of jokes and will probably never run out of them. It’s the most basic ways of getting entertained by the assistant. 


Alexa Jokes 

Ask Alexa to Bark

Is it against the rules to have a dog in your flat? You’re in luck if you want to feel the verbal comfort of an excited canine friend. However, keep in mind that if your tenant is close by, they may need you to submit a pet deposit.

Tell Alexa to become a Cat!

Alexa has everything sorted if you like the sleek felines to those silly dogs, or maybe even if you’re allergic to them. You’ll receive all the kitties without any of the litter if you ask this question. Your home will lighten up with Alexa’s meow-meows.

Request Alexa to speak like Yoda

Enquire you should, this problem, yes. Prepare you just might, an Alexa Jedi you must now get to be.

Re-enact any famous Star Wars scene

If you want to engage in any Star Wars simulations, Alexa can assist you, much like the previous item on our list. So fetch your saber and your worst attire, and put this to your collection of amusing things to tell Alexa. 


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