How to Access Easter Eggs for Siri

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Siri can be quite witty, especially if you know the right questions to ask! No matter if you own an Apple device like iPhone, Mac, iPad or have a HomePod in your house, sharing a few laughs with Siri is not that difficult. 

It was among the first of modern speech-led assistants to grace the tech market while Apple did a phenomenal job marking out a place for Siri, as more than just a voice assistant. Siri is skillfully designed to keep learning about what happens around the globe in terms of pop culture, entertainment and what other assistants are up to. In order to tap into its humor fully, we’ve come up with some of its best easter eggs so you can have fun every time that jab of boredom hits you. Take a look.


Siri is full of harmless, lame jokes funny enough to evoke a laughter or two. Not that they’re all gold class, stand-up tier lines, it’s all a subjective thing. However, when coming from a small smart speaker, even the groaners get a tad bit funnier. That’s just how it is! Want to know how? Ask Siri these funny questions. 

Hey Siri, tell a riddle.

Hey Siri, tell me why did the chicken cross the road.

Hey Siri, knock knock.

Hey Siri, do I look fat wearing this?

Hey Siri, make a sandwich for me.

Hey Siri, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Hey Siri, tell me a joke.

Hey Siri, how many Apple Store geniuses does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Queen Siri

There’s whole list of songs that Siri can help you finish or sing along but one of the most famous ones is the Queen’s iconic Bohemian Rhapsody. If you tell Siri you saw a little silhouette of a man, her response may be quite long but it will be extremely interesting, try now!

Use “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” for a quicker sing-along. Siri will respond with another line from Mary Poppins or a different piece from the show.

Siri’s loves its makers, through and through

Even though you try, you can’t escape the fact that Siri is an Apple product, so if you’re unsure, ask her regarding all the modern technology. As smart Siri Easter eggs, Apple has built a few amusing answers. Once you get an opportunity, ask Siri which operating platform she believes is the greatest. Alternatively, who is the finest helper. Likewise, you might ask what smartphone you should purchase next.

You may potentially irritate her by mistaking her for someone else. If you assume Siri as Google’s Assistant, try to say “OK, Google” to her. She isn’t going to let you off lightly. You may also use the phrase “Hey Siri, Alexa” to hear her mock Amazon’s digital assistant.

Self-aware Siri

When robots develop self-awareness, one of the earliest indications of an impending robot revolution, it’s time to be concerned. Okay, that’s obviously an exaggeration. Siri is designed with Siri Easter eggs which let her appear self-aware, rather than being self-aware in reality.

Take, for example, her understanding of AI fantasy. “Are you Her?” you could query Siri. (This is in connection to Spike Jonze’s movie “Her”). She’ll say different things, but the point is straightforward: Her is fantasy, Siri is real. Ask Siri whether she respects Issac Asimov’s three principles of robotics for a frightening detour. Her response may frighten you a bit.

Boots and cats

Did you guys know Siri can perform a beatboxing? She can’t, of course.

This is one of Siri’s more unusual Easter eggs. Try to get her  in the form of beatboxing. “Here’s one I’ve been practicing,” she’ll say throughout her play. Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots. This is something she could do all night. “Cats and boots, cats and boots, cats and boots, cats and boots, cats and boots,” and on and on she’ll go.

We guess Apple only designed Siri to speak in lines, and this is the closest we could get to beatboxing noises.

Film and television enthusiast

Siri also knows her way around a movie theater. Or she understands enough about Hollywood to make a joke about it. Inquire about the plot of Inception. If you don’t wish to know her candid and unfavorable assessment of Christopher Nolan’s psychedelic 2010 movie, don’t ask her. In case you want to hear the most concise description of the 1999 cyberpunk masterpiece possible, you may also inquire about The Matrix.

You may even ask Siri a few movie-related queries, such “Hey Siri, show me the money” or “Hey Siri, open the pod bay door.” Siri appears to enjoy watching television as well. She’s a huge Game of Thrones fan. If you question her about Jon Snow dead?” or “Is winter coming?” you’ll get a glimpse of it.

The universe as we understand it is coming to an end.

Tune in with Siri to see when the world is going to end. Her responses won’t be comforting, but this catastrophic Siri Easter egg will almost certainly make you grin.

What exactly is love?

If you’re searching for a way to bolster your ego or seek intimacy via your phone, you may want to go elsewhere. Siri won’t tell you directly whether she loves you, if she’ll go out on a date with you, if she’ll sing and dance with you, or if she’ll get married to you. She’ll typically sidestep the issue by making blatant reasons for not being with you. It will be fun!

Having said that, you should give it a go. Siri’s answers are amusing, as she switches between a few distinct mild snubs.

Siri is on your side.

Certain Siri Easter eggs have a really useful use. If you tell Siri you’re intoxicated, she’ll provide a fast link to get a taxi for you based on your position.

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