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Smart Dog Toys

As adorable as our dogs are, we occasionally need them to amuse themselves and give us a much-needed break. While fetch is typically a two-person, or should we say two-creature, activity, and doorways normally require a human to unlock, these five tips may let a pet parent take a break.

Certainly, our cats and dogs have given us with some consolation throughout the virus outbreak over the last year. Regardless of whether we’ve been locked up in the house or on the roads, securely separated from the rest of the world, or at a family vacation, our beloved pets are always there for us. 

As per the American Pet Products Association, consumers in U.S. spend an average 99 billion dollars on their pets in 2020, up from $95.7 billion in 2019.[i] Here are some clever alternatives that won’t cost quite as much but could be able to provide your pets at home with amusement while also allowing their owners to relax. Take a look at some of these smart products. They’re really practical and won’t leave you disappointed!

What are pet-friendly smart devices?

The smart pet gadgets are intended to enhance pet owners’ life and make everyday life simpler for them. These tech-based devices, which range from treat launchers to smart leashes and collars, should attract not only dogs and cats owners but for people who like keeping other kinds of pets too![ii][iii]

For all pets

Pet on Wheels: a carrying system for pets

It has always been difficult to manage a pet on transports limited to two wheels such as a bicycles, motorbikes, or scooters. However, Pet on Wheels created a basic carrier solution that surpassed its Kickstarter target and was released in 2018, allowing pet owners to commute with their adorable buddies.

Wi-Fi Pet Camera – Petcube

Petcube excels at a single thing in particular: pet videos. Others are feeling the exact same thing, thanks to a $500K+ Kickstarter effort and $14M in initial financing. Pet owners may enjoy a smooth immersive video interaction with their pet from everywhere in the globe thanks to the Petcube technology gadget and software.

Microchip Pet Door with Sureflap

Installing a conventional pet door to your home may enable some undesirable visitors to enter. The SureFlap avoids this simply by only unlocking the door once your pet’s transponder is detected. This simple approach is proving popular with pet owners all around the world.

Go-Smart: a smart, trackable Pet Leash

The traditional pet leash has evolved! The Go-Smart is a Bluetooth-enabled collar with plenty of functions that every pet owner would appreciate. There’s an LED light circle for nighttime vision, walking schedules, and an application to monitor your and your pet’s active hours.

PetChatz: Smart Pet DayCare

PetChatz is an all-round swiss army knife of distant pet surveillance. It has a lot of cool options such as an HD camera, reward dispenser, LCD screen, motion detector, as well as the option for your pet to contact you! This may explain why PetChatz has become one of the most popular sellers of linked pet tech gear.

Pet Portal

At CES 2021, MyQ unveiled the Pet Portal, a 3,000-dollar pet door! It unlocks when it detects a pet is nearby. The sliding doors will only allow a pet to leave if it is carrying a Bluetooth-connected detector on its leash or collar. The door may also be programmed to unlock just when the owner decides so.

Alerts are sent through smartphone application, and a pet may be permitted to enter a yard at any time or upon request. Additionally, owners may get daily statistics on how frequently their pet went in or out.

For Cats

Litter Robot: A Litter Box That Cleans Itself

Cat litter sweeping has always been a nuisance for cat parents. Fortunately, Litter Robot has created a reliable automated cat litter tray that works its way through litter after every use and puts it in a trash bin, establishing itself as the market champion in making digital cat litter boxes.

Oscillot: Cat Barrier Device

Conventional fences can’t keep an inquisitive cat inside. Until recently, cats could mount even the highest fences using the traditional jump-grab-climb method. The Paddle and the Dual Knuckle Post assembly are major parts of the Oscillot hardware device that operate around each other to keep cats from leaving lawns.

Tailio is an intelligent cat health tracker.

It’s important to keep track of your cat’s diet, nutrition, and kitty litter routines in order to keep them healthy. Throwing things to fate may lead to problems in the future. Therefore both cat lovers and vets have praised Tailio, a basic online tracking device that fits under a litter box.

For Dogs 

Smart Dog Toy Platform

Dogs are intelligent, but they need mental and physical stimulus to keep learning and remain content. PupPod is a multi-level challenge that uses a variety of app-enabled activities and, of course, goodies to engage a dog’s interest and focus their enthusiasm. PupPod has been hailed by both veterinarians and dog keepers as a fantastic tool for interacting with dogs of various ages, types, and sizes.

iFetch: Auto Ball Cannon

It is important to keep your dog busy for both their own wellness and your inner peace. However, throwing fetch for hours and hours may be time consuming and demanding for your forearms! This issue was addressed by iFetch, which was developed as an automated ball shooter. iFetch has even received numerous pet technology awards.

Dog Parker: Advanced Dog House

Jogging with your dog is enjoyable, but chores with your dog may be somewhat difficult. Do you take them inside the shop with you? Is it acceptable to leave them chained outdoors? Another alternative is Dog Parker’s climate-controlled, safety dog home, which allows you to shop without concern.

Furbo engaging dog camera

This may be the device for you if you dread abandoning your pooch by myself at home, particularly if he or she is notorious for mischief. Especially when they’re left alone for too long. Out comes Frubo – the intelligent pet camera.

You can interact two-way to your pup from your cellphone with this basic but amazing device. While you’re away from home, you may also throw them a treat or play games with them. Isn’t it amazing how far technology has progressed? This is a toy that is sure to make some human tails wag!

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