Reese’s Book Club Partners with Google Assistant

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Per the Google blog, “Google Assistant has partnered with Reese’s Book Club to offer a hands-free, immersive reading experience on Nest smart speakers, smart displays and Assistant-enabled mobile devices in English-speaking countries across the globe. Assistant users can now discover Reese Witherspoon’s monthly book picks, take a quiz for personalized book recommendations and get exclusive commentary about each book pick from Reese herself.”

To get started, simply say “Hey Google, read with Reese’s Book Club” on your Assistant-enabled device.

You can easily link your account if you’re an existing Reese’s Book Club member —  or sign up with your Google account if you’d like to join. And you can still access this great content even if you aren’t a member: In addition to checking out the current and previous month’s book picks, you can find out why Reese recommends a particular monthly book pick, or hear her personal book reviews. And if you want to read the full book, simply head to Google Play Books to make a purchase. You can also add books to your “book pile” so you can better keep track of what you’d like to read next. 

What is Reese’s Book Club?

According to their web site – each month, Reese, our founder (and book-lover-in-chief) chooses a book with a woman at the center of the story. There’s not a formula to the books we spotlight in our club, and we like it that way. Reese will tell you the special sauce is a story with honesty and sincerity, celebrating all the ways we are women. And along the way (buckle up) we’ll also introduce you to new voices, authors, and perspectives. We do this together, because at our core Reese’s Book Club is about the joy of reading. And joy isn’t something we keep to ourselves.

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