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Smart homes seemed like a silly idea just several years back, but Alexa has transformed everything. Alexa and the Amazon Echo are now the perfect gateway to home automation, due to increased interoperability with smart home devices and the largest selection of skills and compatibility.

With the assistance of Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa enabled gadgets will boost the IQ of your house. When you start setting up lighting controls, doors, speakers, TVs, and other devices to connect to Alexa, you can manage them all with your own voice and speech.

Why Buy Amazon Alexa?

So, first and foremost, why go to the trouble of purchasing Alexa-enabled gadgets? To put it simply, when managing smart home technology from an Echo device, Alexa begins to give awareness to your house.

Alexa is an expert at integrating smart home technology. It’s simple to create unified command sets that manage numerous lights, outlets, as well as other devices at once – meaning a simple command could set the atmosphere in your whole home, whether you’re strolling in the doorway, gearing up for a little TV time, or just turning it all off before bedtime.

Google Home vs. Amazon Alexa

You should expect the difference among Alexa and Google Assist to shrink over time as they develop, just like how earliest Android and iOS devices were miles different but now virtually match one another in almost every functionality.

For the time being, the distinctions between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are limited to what each system handles particular tasks such as smart home activities, grocery lists, and smartphone app style.

Currently, Echo continues to lead the way, particularly among audiophiles seeking better sound. The new layout also helps a great deal because the orb form goes with almost any décor.

Where to start?

Alexa links to Echo, Amazon’s signature smart speaker, to stream songs, set reminders and timers, answer basic queries, manage smart home gadgets, and much more. It’s best used in general areas of your home from the kitchen, to the living and family rooms, according to Amazon.

  • Plug your gadget into a power socket or surge guard and turn it on.
  • Install the Alexa application on your smartphone.
  • Choose Gadgets in the bottom-right edge of the display.
  • To connect a device, click the “+” symbol in the top-right edge of the display.
  • Choose the Add Device option.
  • Configure up your Echo, Echo Dot, or other device according to the directions.

To begin, say “Alexa” into the microphone with your normal voice. This is what zaps her awake. You must first wake up Alexa by saying the “wake word,” Alexa, each time you wish to talk to her. This tells the gadget to start capturing your request and transmitting it to Amazon’s secured cloud servers.

Pros of Amazon Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based speech interface, which may be found on thousands or even millions of Amazon and third-party products. The benefits of Amazon Alexa include effective communication and accessibility. Here are some of the factors why it’s a fantastic device for both children and adults in the home.

  • Simple to Use

Alexa is simple to manage for first-time customers; you may use it wherever you want and at any time, improving your lifestyle and making life more comfortable and convenient. Don’t fret if you can’t enter the words to browse for something since Amazon Alexa is voice-activated.

  • Reminders

Many Amazon Alexa customers consider this function to be one of their favorites. Notifications can assist you in remaining on top of the stuff you have to get done.

  • Music that never stops

Alexa allows you to interact with your speech while also listening to your favorite music on the move. Due to Alexa, you can enjoy to a lot of music. It is not an understatement to say that you can operate it the whole day, every day.

  • One of Amazon Alexa’s main benefits is internet ecommerce.

Because it’s an Amazon service, you can simply search for goods online, browse over a range of choices, and buy whatever you need. You can organize your shopping plans with Amazon Alexa at any moment and from anywhere.

  • Timers and alarms

These chores may seem little, yet Amazon Alexa does them with ease. Creating and utilizing timers is a breeze with Alexa. One of the benefits of Amazon Alexa worth noting is this feature.

Cons of Amazon Alexa

There are certain issues that you may encounter while using an internet-based smart speaker. Here are a few of the most frequently mentioned drawbacks by Amazon Alexa customers. They are mostly individual or isolated cases and can’t be judged as something that’s wrong with the whole platform. 

  • Bloatware and slow reaction

Following the latest upgrades, several users have noticed missing functionality. The Alexa application became noticeably slower to react. Other customers have also cited the latest edition of Amazon Alexa for their problems. It used to function well on Android 9 and earlier, but now it seems to be a little slower if nothing more.

  • Misunderstandings

Alexa has difficulty hearing your speech at times, so if it doesn’t possess the right knowledge, it attempts to replace it with something else. It will irritate you if you can’t find what you’re searching for.

Is it for You?

You may learn about Amazon Alexa’s flaws and qualities after you grasp the benefits and drawbacks of this digital assistant technology. Almost all of Amazon Alexa’s restrictions can be readily solved and surpassed. It’s highly flexible and has a diverse range of integration options. The fact that anybody can use Amazon Alexa assistant system with the secure cloud-based operation is its most important feature.

By Jill Markowitz

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