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Google Home Smart Guide

While we all know what Alexa can do, many customers are still skeptical about Google Home. According to the latest reports, the Google Home can link to over 1,000 smart gadgets manufactured by 150 different businesses, which is pretty remarkable. In addition, after conducting cognitive tests on both platforms side by side, the Home showed it can beat Echo devices in many important areas.

Why Buy Google Home 

Google Home, like other smart home devices, provides homeowners with a futuristic outlook right when they need it. If you have Google Home, you may ask it about anything and it will respond immediately. Here’s a few things it can offer:

  • It can do anything, from playing your favorite music to telling you the temperature outdoors.
  • Use Google’s Knowledge Graph to ask difficult questions.
  • Make free voice-activated phone calls.
  • Use its computing power to distinguish between various voices in your home.
  • Stream audio and/or video on a bigger screen.

Google Home vs. Amazon Alexa 

Both the Google Home and the Amazon Echo are excellent smart home assistants. While Alexa does more, Google’s voice assistant is better at understanding what you mean without providing a very precise order.

Both brands provide excellent-looking products, so you can’t go wrong. Which system is easiest for you to incorporate will most likely be the deciding factor: If you already have a Prime membership, the Echo is a fantastic option. If not, Google may be a good option. With a few more years of development, it may be able to overtake Amazon as the most popular smart speaker maker.

Where to start?

The Google Home app may be used to operate smart devices that are compatible with Google Assistant, such as speakers, screens, thermostats, lighting, and plugs. Because the procedure for adding a device to a house differs depending on the device, it’s critical to follow the proper guidelines. A few of these products are:

  • Speakers and screens for Google Nest or Home
  • Google Wi-Fi
  • Nest Wi-Fi 
  • Nest Thermostat 
  • Chromecast

Pros of Google Home

The usage of Google’s Knowledge Graph — Google Home’s greatest edge over all other smart home products is that it has connectivity to Google’s complete Knowledge Graph. This implies it is capable of receiving millions of facts and will most probably be able to solve every query that Google on a desktop can. As a result, Google’s answers outperform those of rival voice-controlled applications and gadgets.

Streaming movies to smart TVs and audio to speakers — This is a fantastic function that allows you to cast video to a smart TV and audio to additional speakers. You may ask Google Home to stream a YouTube video and use it to access Netflix and HBO content. More video services will be introduced in the future too.  It is important to know, however, that it is not functional with all kinds of speakers and is only usable with products and systems that have the appropriate software or hardware, such as Chromecast.

Aesthetic design — The design is fantastic since it blends in with most types of home décor and does not stick out or seem to be just a speaker.

Recognizes various voices — Google Home can tell when multiple members of your family are speaking, which means that specific individuals will frequently get personalized responses.

Voice activation — This makes it simple to place calls to just about any contact in the United States or Canada. This isn’t particularly helpful for people in other countries right now, but it should be available in future Google Home updates.

Google Home Fits Perfectly in Any Kitchen

Can offer you step-by-step food prep instructions — This is useful if you need a little assistance in the kitchen or would like some direction instead of scrubbing your phone or laptop with filthy hands to look up a printed recipe. But, some people enjoy seeing things, so perhaps Google Home will have a display in the future too!

Decent sound quality — The sound quality is very amazing for such a tiny gadget!

Reasonable cost — It isn’t outrageously priced, although it is somewhat more costly than the newer Amazon Echo.

Google Assistant is interactive — It understands context and can respond to follow-up inquiries. If you inquire about the weather forecast and get a response, you may then inquire about the forecast for the next day too. he gadget should be able to fully understand you and provide you with the right response.

Cons of Google Home

Doesn’t catch sounds effectively from a distance —  This one is self-explanatory; the mic will not really catch up speech as efficiently as the Echo Dot does from a distance.

It can only view the primary calendar —  it might not recite shared or specialized work calendars for you.

The launch phrase is applicable to all activated devices — When you talk to Google Home, other smart gadgets are probably going to turn on and react. It’s so sensitive that even if there are any Google ads on TV, it may also start it.

Absence of control buttons — There are just a few controls on the device’s surface. The volume is controlled via a sensor, which may be hard at times.

Not as widely accessible as Amazon Echo — Amazon Echo is currently offered in twenty-eight regions and countries around the world. On the other hand Google Home is only offered in around 7 to 12 countries depending on the specific product.

Smart home functionality is restricted — Google Home has some smart home management, but it isn’t as flexible as the Amazon Echo is with devices.

It must always be connected in — Instead of being a rechargeable gadget, it must always be plugged into a socket. This may make choosing a place for it in your house difficult.

You won’t be able to read or send texts (or emails) — Even many vehicles now have this technology, but some of the Google Home products don’t. You’ll actually have to rely on your smartphone for this.

Is it for You?

While Google House isn’t an ideal smart gadget, it may be helpful when used in conjunction with other smart devices in your home. Google Home will undoubtedly improve control over all of your smart devices, improving home convenience and satisfaction.

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