Smart Home Trends for 2022

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: Picture of a smart home showcasing what to expect from smart home technology in 2022.

Today, more and more technologies continue to emerge that bring home living into the future creating what we call a “smart home.”

As homeowners’ expectations for home technology continue to rise, it is critical for vendors, property managers, consumers, and developers to grasp what makes a smart home smart and distinguish between what is just a trend and what will truly transform how they live.

In this article, you will see what makes a home “smart,” as well as five of the biggest smart home trends to watch out for in 2022.

What is a Smart Home?

A network of connected devices runs a Smart Home. Temperature, lighting, security, and entertainment are all controlled by these devices in concert.

The majority of Smart Homes get operated by a phone or remote control.

Ultimately, the most effective strategy to build an integrated, smart home is to equip it with networked devices and capabilities, resulting in a complete ecosystem of smart solutions.

Smart Home Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Experts originally introduced smart houses in the early 2000s. Since then, the industry has experienced rapid expansion in terms of both design and functionality. The smart home will only get smarter in 2022 and beyond, thanks to a dynamic tech world.

Security and Access Control

Automation is the way of the future in terms of home security. As the world approaches 2022, security and access control systems that combine lighting, alarm, and closed-circuit video management into a single interface are anticipated.

Smart Appliances

The autonomous control, voice control, and gesture control are all features of modern smart appliances.

Smart appliances also extend to the kitchen and bathrooms. Microwaves and ovens with built-in cameras will be available, allowing you to monitor your food as it cooks. Other important developments expected to become more ubiquitous next year include self-cleaning toilets and autonomous heat-adjusting showers.

Energy Efficiency

Green energy is predicted to become more prevalent in smart homes by 2022. Moreover, lighting systems that alter light intensity based on room conditions are expected to be more innovative in energy savings in 2022.

Health Management

Smart homes will be able to monitor and detect changes in one’s health going into 2022. Temperature monitoring systems are likely to be included as standard equipment in smart homes. Also expected is improved exercise equipment that can track body changes and provide diet guidance and plans.

Robotic Assistants

Robotic vacuum cleaners are now commonplace in most homes. Moreover, robots are projected to have a greater impact on households in 2022 and beyond, assisting with cooking, babysitting, and cleaning, among other things.


From here on out, smart houses will only get smarter. The future of smart homes will only reach brighter and greener as original equipment manufacturers win the battle against time to produce energy-efficient, sustainable devices and comply with privacy and data protection regulations.

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