nPulse Technologies Named Finalist for CBIC 2014 Award

nPulse Technologies Named Finalist for CBIC 2014 Award nPulse Technologies today announced that Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) has named the company's Capture Probe eXtreme (CPX) 4.0 appliance as a finalist for the annual CBIC awards. CPX 4.0, an ultrafast, multi-petabyte traffic recording and analysis platform for security operations centers (SOCs), is competing in the Breakthrough Category, which recognizes a remarkable breakthrough or a quantum advance in a currently existing solution.

“This recognition underscores the innovation and value that CPX 4.0 offers our customers in network forensics,” said Randy Caldejon, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, nPulse Technologies. “We are committed to providing our customers superior visibility into potential malicious activities, and we are thrilled that CBIC recognizes our product as a front-runner in this field.”

nPulse's CPX 4.0 leverages lossless packet capture technology to provide easily searched and indexed storage of network packets, connections, and session data. CPX operates at 20Gbps and captures 100 percent of network traffic, time stamping every packet with nanosecond resolution. The network forensics capabilities of CPX allow administrators to search 400GB of recorded data per second, meaning a large enterprise's entire span of traffic in a 24-hour period can be scanned in as little as two minutes. CPX's features and performance give SOCs the tools to quickly see what is happening on their networks, when it started, and how long it's been going on – helping to dramatically enhance and accelerate security investigations and resolution efforts.

CPX is a key component of nPulse's Cyclone Network Forensics Platform, designed to substantially slash security incident response times. Cyclone builds on nPulse's performance leadership in full packet capture by adding advanced, line-rate extraction of crucial application layer security metadata and a flexible Big Data security analytics framework to index, search, analyze, and visualize network traffic and expeditiously reconstruct cyber attack kill chains. Cyclone helps security professionals immediately pivot from overwhelming amounts of data and disparate security alerts to precise, actionable information on malicious activity. By automating a comprehensive cycle of steps to ensure that all network traffic is captured and inspected for forensics and incident response activities, Cyclone provides the traffic visibility necessary to defeat attacks and reduce mean time-to-resolution for advanced network threats. More information on Cyclone is available in an online video.


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