Video: Google Glass Competition! GlassUp Launches on IndieGogo

GlassUp, a start-up company specializing in augmented reality eyeglasses, is now accepting preorders for its GlassUp eyeglasses as part of its recently launched IndieGoGo campaign. Designed to simplify anyone's daily routine, these distinctive glasses make it easy for people to instantly see their emails, texts, Facebook updates, breaking news and more from their smartphones without having to constantly check their devices.

"GlassUp eyeglasses are really an extension of people and their mobile devices," said Francesco Giartosio, CEO, GlassUp. "We're designing the stylish glasses, so people can see everything they want in an extremely convenient, straightforward way and still feel proud to wear the glasses anywhere."

Simple Approach behind How the Glasses Work

GlassUp is a second screen output for Internet-connected devices. Information is sent from the smartphone to the glasses through a low-powered Bluetooth connection. The glasses display all notifications from a connected Android or iOS Smartphone to the special lenses that display them as if they were in the air in front of the user. Messages are projected from a small electronic circuit and optical element housed in the frame. The messages or content people receive is determined by the applications they download.

Advantages over Google Glass and Other Competitors

Unlike Google Glass and other "eyeglass display devices," GlassUp:

  • Projects the information close to the center of vision (like looking through a windshield), which causes less strain on the wearer's eye. Other display glasses force the wearer to lift their eyes around in an unnatural way to see what's on the screen (like looking through a rearview mirror).
  • Costs much less than major brands. The market price will be $399 much less than the projected cost of Google Glass but you can currently get them on the IndieGoGo campaign for half the future market price.
  • Comes with a long battery life that averages 150 hours stand by, and 8 hours of normal usage.
  • The initial version is a "receive only" device, so there are no photos, videos or privacy issues.
  • Projects in monochrome, so it's easier read.

The Marriage behind the Sleek Design and Cutting-Edge Technology

Video: Google Glass Competition! GlassUp Launches on IndieGogo


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