Touchscreen Technology: 4imprint's Latest Blue Paper and Podcast

Touchscreen Technology: 4imprint's Latest Blue Paper and Podcast Touchscreen technology is intuitive. Easy-to-use. And, it's changing the way consumers use a wide range of devices while powering a surge in consumer demand for smartphones and tablets. 4imprint's newest Blue Paper, podcast and infographic, Touchscreen technology: The world at your fingertips, looks at the technology and explores what this rising demand for it means to business, government and nonprofit organizations.

In addition to profiling touchscreen technology's history and differences among touchscreen systems, the Blue Paper also looks at how businesses across industries are using touchscreens to save time, improve customer experiences and increase sales.

“Whether you are using touchscreen technology in your organization or just beginning to consider the idea, this Blue Paper may interest you,” said Greg Ebel, vice president of sales and marketing, 4imprint. “In addition to providing useful background on the technology itself, this Blue Paper provides examples of ways organizations are putting touchscreen technology to work for them.”

This Blue Paper and podcast provide an in-depth look at touchscreen technology. Expect to learn:

  • Touchscreen technology's evolution
  • How touchscreen technology works, including an overview of the 4 different system types
  • Ways touchscreen can be used to improve customers' experiences
  • How companies can integrate touchscreen to enhance marketing efforts

Visit to read this Blue Paper, download the podcast or view the infographic.


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