The New York Times Releases News Apps Designed for iOS 7

The New York Times Releases News Apps Designed for iOS 7 The New York Times ( today released updated versions of its iPhone and iPad news apps, which deliver the latest news and award-winning journalism of The New York Times, designed and formatted for optimal reading with iOS 7.

The updates take advantage of the new user experience and design principles available on iOS 7, and focus primarily on the enhanced use of imagery and streamlined navigation.

Major elements of the redesign on both the iPhone and iPad include:

  • Design: A cleaner, more engaging design includes custom layouts designed specifically for each section as well as more diversified font usage.
  • Images: Richer integration of photography, video and interactive story elements, including more images and multimedia on section fronts and thumbnail images on article previews.
  • Navigation: Improved ability to scan and discover content.
  • Share tools: AirDrop for article sharing.

New features specific to the iPhone app include full bleed images and the ability to swipe from section to section. On the iPad, scrolling navigation replaces a swiping, paginated reading experience.

Like the previous versions of the apps, the new iPhone and iPad news apps feature more than 25 sections of New York Times news, information and opinion, including videos, slide shows and interactives, as well as share tools, cross-platform save, search, customizable section lists and the ability to define words.

"The introduction of iOS 7 allows us to maximize a number of features that help encourage even more serendipity on our iPhone and iPad news apps, allowing users to easily navigate, discover and consume our vast amount of content," said Denise Warren, executive vice president, Digital Products and Services Group, The New York Times. "We look forward to delivering updates that will offer even more new features that enhance the user-experience in the coming months."


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