THX Launches First Mobile iOS App to Help Consumers Properly Adjust and Get the Most from Their TV, Projector and Speakers

THX Launches First Mobile iOS App to Help Consumers Properly Adjust and Get the Most from Their TV, Projector and Speakers

THX Ltd. today announced its first mobile app, THX tune-up, which is now available in the iTunes App Store. THX tune-up is an easy-to-use, interactive app that lets the general consumer use an iOS device to adjust their TVs, projectors and speakers, to get the best performance and enjoyment from their entertainment system - regardless of brand and price.

THX tune-up arrives just in time for this year's Big Game. According to research conducted by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, more than 7.5 million viewers are expected to buy A New Television specifically for the game.1 To help all home viewers get on a level playing field and enjoy their new or existing TVs on this big day, THX is offering the app worldwide for free for the first week of its release (January 29 - February 4, 2013). THX tune-up will then be available at its regular price of U.S. $1.99 in select countries.2

"By using the THX tune-up app, sports fans, movie enthusiasts, gamers and even reality show addicts can confirm their TV and sound system are set up correctly. THX tune-up guides consumers simply and easily through picture and sound adjustments to get the best possible entertainment experience from their home system," said Sandra Benedetto, director of product management, THX Ltd. "We also included fun stuff, like links to THX cinema trailers and our signature "THX Deep NoteTM" sound that are bound to evoke envy on a newly 'tuned-up' system."

THX tune-up features

Using specifically custom designed video patterns and audio tests, THX tune-up allows consumers to check that video equipment settings are optimized based on the consumer's equipment capabilities and lighting environment, and external speakers are working in phase and are connected properly. For instance, color and tint settings are often complicated to adjust properly without special glasses or other unique equipment. THX tune-up uses the iPad or iPhone camera and a special, THX-designed built-in color filter to help consumers easily ensure colors are accurate and skin tones appear natural.

The interactive app provides users step-by-step instructions via narration and text, as well as a detailed guide on how to use all of its features, walking consumers through the following tests:

Video adjustments

  • Aspect ratio - ensures your TV displays shapes and sizes correctly
  • Brightness - makes certain shadow details and night scenes are clearly visible
  • Contrast - ensures that white detail is distinct on your television
  • Color - make sure colors are bright and vibrant but not overly saturated or cartoonish
  • Tint - ensures skin tones appear natural and are not too green or red

Audio adjustments


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