Sypris Announces Release of Next Generation Cyber Range at RSA

Sypris Announces Release of Next Generation Cyber Range at RSA

Sypris Electronics LLC, a subsidiary of Sypris Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq/NM: SYPR), announced today the release of their next generation Sypris Cyber Range to address the rising tide of Advanced Cyber Threats.

The Sypris Range is a Virtual Training Platform and Modeling & Simulation Engine for use by the global commercial sector, governments and critical infrastructures worldwide to prepare cybersecurity professionals in the detection and prevention of cyber attacks. The Cyber Range incorporates realistic environments to conduct cyber operations & analytics to implement cyber warfare scenarios in a virtual training environment. The Sypris Cyber Range pairs a virtual environment with hands-on training, assessments, and analytics.

"Every day, Cyber attacks from cyber terrorists and rogue nations threaten governments and businesses worldwide, creating an asymmetric cyber environment. The Sypris Cyber Range helps level the playing field, allowing nations and critical infrastructure departments and ministries to train like they defend," said John Walsh, President of Sypris Electronics.

Previously, the International Cyber Range (released in 2011) only enabled individuals and organizations to develop their detection and reaction skills through short duration simulations and exercises. The enhanced Sypris Cyber Range provides not just a virtual training platform, but also a holistic professional training curriculum including: assessment, personalized curriculum development, hands-on training, dynamic scenarios, red/blue team real-world sand-boxing based on customer environment, forensic review, remediation planning, critical cybersecurity lectures and awareness tools.

The Sypris Cyber Range serves as a central tool for the commercial sector, governments and critical infrastructures to enhance their Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities and to optimize emerging technologies to get the most ROI with challenging budgets. The Cyber Range will provide benefits in the following areas:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Homeland security
  • Cohesion of a Security Operations Center
  • Enhancing the defensive capabilities of a nation state
  • Establishing training & cyber exercise programs

"Attacks from Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs cannot be solved only with technology," said Robert Lentz, former U.S. CISO and the first Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense of Cyber Security. "In a cyber attack, we must rely on trained professionals and an established set of tactics and techniques to complement new products. Tools like the Sypris Cyber Range will provide a real-world simulation environment for organizations to develop, test and deploy advanced strategies in cyber attack, defense, neutralization and resiliency. Just like the U.S. achieved air superiority by training pilots, the Sypris Range will train cyber defenders to address advanced threats and get the most out of complex technical measures."


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