SecureKey Sponsors 2014 APIcon Hackathon

SecureKey Sponsors 2014 APIcon Hackathon SecureKey, the leading provider of trusted identity networks, today announced it will be among the sponsors of the APIcon/quest Hackathon, the premier event for developers that will take place during this week's APIcon 2014 event in San Francisco. SecureKey will highlight the Connect Platform and associated Mobile SDK for replacing static password authentication with dynamic, device- anchored digital IDs in banking, healthcare, gaming and social network applications.

On top of the $15,000 in overall cash prizes being offered by the event organizers, SecureKey is offering up to $2,000 in prizes, as well as one-year licenses for the SecureKey Connect cloud-based digital ID authentication service platform, to developers whose projects are deemed by SecureKey as “best implementations.”

“We are proud to be sponsoring this exciting, timely and collaborative event for developers during the APIcon interactive conference and participating in the overall APIcon conference with the two workshops we are hosting,” said Didier Serra, executive vice president for global partnerships at SecureKey. “Our Connect Service and Mobile SDK makes it easy for developers to provide dynamic, device-anchored authentication using digital IDs with a frictionless user experience in their mobile apps. Replacing static, password-based authentication could not be a more timely topic given recent vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed and attacks at Target, eBay, Yahoo and others in recent months.”

Developers are invited to get ready for the Hackathon by downloading the Mobile SDK today from the SecureKey developer web site at

SecureKey's Connect is a cloud-based solution that provides strong authentication while streamlining and simplifying the users' mobile experience to make the mobile app even more compelling. Only a few API calls within a mobile application and back-end system is all it takes to get connected, protect the service and provide easier access for users. The QuickCode secure multi-device PIN used within the system to authenticate the user is stronger than either a mobile app PIN or an online password. A single QuickCode can be used across all of a user's devices to simplify usage. The Connect Service and Mobile SDK supports Android, iOS, and WIN/PC ecosystems. It also utilizes on-device hardware security cores such as Intel's IPT and other coming mobile device trusted execution environments for future extensibility.

On day one of the conference, SecureKey's Florin Birsan and David Stark will conduct a workshop that looks at the Connect Mobile SDK and provides hands-on experience in using it to anchor digital IDs in trusted devices. They will demonstrate how the Connect SDK can be used to make every authentication event unique proof of a user's identity, while simplifying access with a better user experience. The workshop will also present use cases that are particularly well-suited to this approach, and will familiarize attendees with the Connect SDK's APIs and sample code. Attendees will have two opportunities to take part in the workshop on Tuesday, May 27 at 3:50 p.m. and again at 5:00 p.m.


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